MAFS’ Lucinda Weighs In On The Rumours That She’ll Return To The Show As A Relationship Expert

Lucinda Light, the only beacon of positivity in the Married At First Sight dumpster fire, has unfortunately confirmed that she not be appearing as a relationship expert on MAFS New Zealand. Ugh, we truly cannot have anything nice!!!

There’s no doubt that Lucinda is the fan favourite of the season. She’s earnest, warm and funny — her poems are iconic — and feels real despite the fact that this show is, well, not exactly renowned for genuine connections.

Although MAFS viewers are still reeling over the fact that Lucinda will no longer be on their screens, following her departure from the experiment on Sunday night, a rumour that claimed the bride would be returning to the franchise as a relationship expert quickly quashed those sad emotions.

But unfortunately, the rumour was quickly put to bed by Lucinda herself.

During an interview with Robbie Von on Triple M’s Robbie for Breakfast, Lucinda said it was the “first I’ve heard” of her apparent new gig.

“Look, it’s the first I’ve heard of it,” Mama Lu told Von.

“I see all these articles going up on these publications, and you know where I’ve come to sort of in my heart is, I don’t think I really am in any place to comment on anybody’s relationship or marriage. I mean, I’m not in one successfully, so I just don’t feel like I belong on an expert couch there personally.

“I think even if the job was offered it would probably be a no from me.”

(Image source: Nine / MAFS)

Lucinda went on to reveal that she’s got “awesome projects coming up”, so at least we’ve got something to look forward to. She also added that she felt like she wasn’t ready to be on the “public chopping block” following her stint on MAFS.

“I feel as well that MAFS comes with such criticism and commentary from the public and I just don’t think I want to put myself out on the public chopping block again,” Lucinda continued.

“It was sort of enough during the experience and look, I’ve received a lot of love, but yeah, I just think I’d really I’d be asking for critique if I thought for one second I was a relationship expert.

“At 43 I haven’t quite got it right yet!”

Welp. There you have it folks. Lucinda will unfortunately not grace our screens as a relationship expert on MAFS NZ and I don’t think she’ll be returning to reality TV for a while. Hopefully, her and her wisdom will come back! It’s something we all need.

When did the rumours of Lucinda joining Married At First Sight NZ as a relationship expert start?

An insider spilled the beans to Yahoo Lifestyle that Lucinda was offered a role on New Zealand’s version of Married At First Sight as a relationship expert.

“Her role on the overseas franchise won’t be officially announced until after Easter but an offer has been put on the table,” the source said.

Channel Nine were hoping to keep this under wraps until after the season finishes as they prefer to keep the contestants as real and relatable as possible. However, no one’s more happy for Lucinda than the creators of MAFS. She deserves this.”

The source said the fan-fare around Lucinda was “unprecedented” and that it’s left her with heaps of offers.

“The popularity of Lucinda has been unprecedented and with a failed marriage to Melbourne-based Timothy unfolding over the last week, offers have been coming in from all over the shop,” they said.

“The world is her oyster and her co-stars have attributed her popularity to the humble nature she demonstrated throughout filming the season.”

As a marriage celebrant, Lucinda does have some wisdom in the topic of relationships unrelated to her stint on MAFS — and she’s proven herself to be a level-headed and fair thinker when it comes to relationships. But unfortunately, the beloved bride has put an end to that cheeky rumour.

TBH, it was the best rumour to have ever come out of the MAFS franchise. Hopefully, we can manifest and speak it into existence.

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Image source: Nine / MAFS