MAFS’ Timothy Is Apparently Popping Off On TikTok About His Breakup With Lucinda

mafs timothy lucinda breakup

Hearts were shat on as Married At First Sight 2024‘s Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light broke up this week. However, Timothy has seemingly gone rogue on TikTok to share his side of the story — and yep, he also talks about the state of his apartment too.

Jumping into the comments section of Amy Dickinson‘s TikTok post discussing MAFS Episode 30, a TikTok account with the username “Tim Smith” has commented about what went down.

During the MAFS episode in question, Lucinda decided to walk alway from Timothy after she realised she wasn’t getting what she needed in this relationship.

Before that, they had arrived in Melbourne for Home Stays Week, staying in Timothy’s apartment with his two dogs and a decent amount of general untidiness and mess.

mafs timothy lucinda breakup
Not great. (Image: Nine)

Later, he took off for some alone time and didn’t return until hours later. When Lucinda brought up the situation, he stormed off, ultimately leading her to do the same.

But, as imagined when there are two living, breathing dogs when you enter an apartment, it would seem that there had been a house sitter there during the time that Timothy was filming MAFS 2024.

mafs timothy lucinda breakup
And a shit one at that. (Image: Nine)

“I hadn’t been home in two [months] I was so so pissed [off] with the 20-year-old looking after my place,” the TikTok comment read.

“It wasn’t her,” the next comment read, presumably talking about Lucinda.

“I was done and wanted my life back. I wanted that guy out of my place.”

The comment went on to say that “Tim Smith” is no longer watching MAFS and is “looking forward to the end”.

The MAFS cast aren’t usually allowed to access their social media profiles until Channel Nine gives permission well after the show has wrapped. However, the participants have been known to find loopholes with burner accounts.

The account that posted on this TikTok has 142 followers and a blurry profile pic that not only looks like Timothy but also makes me wonder if I need glasses.

Regardless, it’s safe to say that my hope for Timothy and Lucinda being a MAFS couple still together at the end of all this is shot to hell.

This week, Yahoo Lifestyle published images of Lucinda and Timothy arriving separately to the MAFS reunion, more or less confirming that there won’t be a reconciliation for these two.

As much as Timothy’s grief was a third wheel in this relationship, I really did hold high hopes that they’d reconnect somehow outside the confines of this MAFS experiment.

I guess now Lucinda can be the next Bachelorette? God know’s that show needs saving, and she’d be the woman to do it.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer and writes PEDESTRIAN.TV’s MAFS recaps. You can follow her on Instagram.