MAFS’ Timothy Revealed The Real Reason Behind Shock Feud With Lucinda: ‘8 Chances Was Enough’

Timothy Smith Lucinda Light MAFS

After weeks of cryptic posts and Married at First Sight Australia (MAFS) 2024’s Timothy Smith has finally gone boom and exposed why he and TV wife Lucinda Light are no longer the besties we thought them to be.

To quickly recap, fans became suss that that couple fans and co-stars had dubbed “Mum and Dad” were on the outs after spying that they were no longer following each other on Instagram.

The troubling social media move followed Timothy sharing a not-so-subtle, since-deleted TikTok urging his followers to “cut off” anyone who doesn’t “respect” their time.

At the time, he denied this was aimed at Lucinda. However, he’s since spilled a shit-ton of tea that low-key suggests otherwise — and I, for one, am lapping it TF up.

Timothy and Lucinda at the MAFS reunion
Oh no, Mum and Dad are fighting again… (Image: Nine)

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the 51-year-old began to see that “Lucinda was a little different to who he had been married to during filming”.


“The cameras do that to people,” Timothy told the outlet. “Lucinda may have buckled under the pressure with so many people wanting a piece of her.”

The Melburnian added that he “didn’t walk away easily” from their friendship, but at the end of the day, “eight chances is enough”.

MAFS 2024’s Timothy reveals why he’s feuding with Lucinda

While he still hopes his MAFS wife finds “even more success in her new adventures” (AKA world domination, it seems), Timothy admitted he no longer wanted to be a “pawn” in false narratives.

“Hearing bits and pieces that were untrue, stuff that was twisted, that has been disappointing,” he confessed.

“I think some people, and I am not just saying Lucinda, but some people have let this spot of notoriety go to their head and I didn’t want to go down that path. The show is over, I had a good time but I really want to go back to my normal life and be me again without the lens of that TV show.

“People have become their characters and that is a dangerous path to go down. You can lose yourself.”

A “close friend” (*insert side eye emoji here*) of Timothy and Lucinda seemed to back this up, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that Lucinda was busted for “gossiping” about her expert-appointed beau.

“Tim was hearing things that Lucinda was saying about him behind his back which kept on happening,” the source dished. And honestly, I’m shook. Surely not, from our queen of Love and Light?

Lucinda Light Married at First Sight 2024
XOXO, Gossip Girl. (Image: Nine)

Timothy finished off his tea-spilling sesh by telling the outlet that he’s a loyal person and anyone that talks shit gets hit is not a “good friend”.

“I don’t want to be a bad guy. I don’t want to slag anyone but we are both now moving in different circles with different priorities.”

It comes after Lucinda addressed their feud in a sneaky IG comment, which you can see here.