MAFS Viewers Shower Queen Lucinda With Support Following Her Gracious Behaviour With Timothy

It’s been a sombre week for Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans who completely stan Lucinda. Despite her circumstances, the quirky, emotionally intelligent bride has proved herself to be one of the best things to have come out of Season 11, and these fan reactions prove how much she’s loved!

Yes, yes. Another day, another MAFS reactions roundup revolving around the icon that is Mama Lu. On Wednesday night’s episode, the beloved reality TV bride solidified herself as one of the most wholesome and caring human beings to have ever graced the social experiment.

It’s been a rough week for Lucinda. On Monday, it was made clear that Lucinda and Timothy‘s reality TV relationship would not survive the real world. It all reached boiling point during a glamping trip, in which Lucinda attempted to voice her feelings about the way Timothy hasn’t been open to her about his emotions.

But instead of facing those challenges, Timothy walked away from the date. When Lucinda attempted to call him, he just yelled “I JUST DON’T WANT TO FUCKING TALK.”

At the end of the glamping date, which was a complete fail, Lucinda walked away — dips and salami in hand — and went on to say that she needed to find someone who “celebrates me”.

On Wednesday night, the pair reunited for the dinner party. Unfortunately, Lucinda arrived at the shindig alone, however, she was extremely gracious about the tumultuous Homestay experience.

Just something about her screamed strong energy. Like, I wish I just had that emotional strength that Lucinda has, you know?

She was even strong enough to talk about Timothy’s pigsty apartment, which she described as “sticky” which was quite funny.

Timothy eventually arrived, and instead of throwing a glass of red wine at his face — which usually happens every season — Lucinda welcomed him with a hug. Although a majority of the MAFS fanbase is still salty about Papa Tim’s behaviour at the Homestays, he ended up apologising for his actions.

(Image source: Nine / MAFS)

Honestly, I hoped he’d already apologised BEFORE the dinner party, but I guess an apology is an apology.

Lucinda — like the saint she is — accepted it, even though he left her for hours in his sticky apartment, led her on for two months, and then left a second time in the middle of the bush during a glamping date.

Of course, with Mama Lu being some kind of angel of kindness amongst mere mortals, *cough* Jack *cough*, many viewers on X shared how they felt about her and her bittersweet dinner party conversation with her reality TV husband.

Here are some of the best reactions to Lucinda on Married At First Sight

I know the end is almost here, but it pains me that we’re not going to see Mama Lu and hear her wisdom again.

I AM BEGGING Daddy Nine to give Lucinda the Domencia and Ella treatment, post Season 11!!!