MAFS’ Fan-Favourite Lucinda Light Says She Ready To Find Love After Suffering A Root Drought

In super serious news, Married At First Sight (MAFS) icon Lucinda Light has revealed she’s going through a ‘yuge dry spell and agreed to label her currently rootless life a “national crisis”. We love a relatable queen.

Although winter is unofficially known as cuffing season, a bunch of us are still in the trenches when it comes to our love lives. One of those people facing a love drought is 2024 MAFS bride and fan-favourite Lucinda Light, who has shared her struggles with finding intimacy with her online followers.

Recently, the 43-year-old said she agreed with a commenter who labelled her rootless love life a “national crisis” in a TikTok where she was hugging a lighthouse.

“I’ve gotta laugh. I put this post up the other day about missing my grandma and hugging lighthouses, and some of the commentaries underneath it are utterly hilarious,” Lucinda began.

“One that cracked me up the most. And I utterly concur. I agree. I couldn’t have agreed more with this person. I wanted to scream it from the mountain tops as well.

“And what he said underneath: ‘This has become a national crisis. Somebody find Lucinda Light a root.’ I utterly concur. I’m like ‘What is going on?’ It’s been a while and I don’t understand as well.

“And I’m just saying I’m absolutely ready to make love with existence and somebody fabulous. So, knock knock, who’s there?”

The MAFS star went on to say that she knows she isn’t “everybody’s cup of tea”, but she’s ready to get back into the dating game because things are “getting a bit dull”.

“Popping that one out there to the universe, and hopefully that lassos or boomerangs something and pulls it back over this way,” Lucinda laughed.

“Fingers crossed and wish me well.”

UGH. I missed that sultry voice on my screen sooooo much.

That being said, we now know that Lucinda is single and ready to mingle. And if the Gods (AKA Network 10) wanna bring back golden reality TV, they would bring on this queen as its Bachelorette to help end her root drought. But honestly, that’ll probably never happen.

For those who aren’t familiar with Lucinda’s journey on MAFS, the eccentric bride was paired with Timothy Smith. Although Lucinda seemed to be a v. chill gal — giving very much Byron Bay baddie — her relationship with Timotthy was the complete opposite.

Their relationship went through a lot of obstacles surrounding affection, intimacy and communication. Both Lucinda and Timothy left the experiment single. However, the pair have remained besties post-reality TV.

(Image source: Instagram / @lucindaslights)

Following her run on MAFS, Lucinda was rumoured to become a relationship expert on the show’s New Zealand spin-off, but she quickly shut those rumours down. Instead, the MAFS star has used her new-found fame to kick-start her online community “Lucinda Light Tribe” and go on tour in the UK.

But now it appears she’s gone through a root drought. Hopefully, this TikTok will help the beloved bride find her other half! It’s truly what she deserves.