MAFS’ Lauren Confirms She Knew About Jono & Ellie’s Texts Before The Commitment Ceremony

In another twist in the silly Married At First Sight (MAFS) texting scandal, Lauren has confirmed that she knew about the conversations between Jonathan and Ellie before the Commitment Ceremony.

Although we’re in the final week of MAFS, it seems that the drama has truly hit the fan following the bombshell that is Jonathan and Ellie’s texts.

However, it has now been confirmed that Lauren — Jonathan’s reality TV wife — knew about his conversation before Sunday night’s Commitment Ceremony, where everything reached boiling point.

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So grab a quick snack, ‘cos this ride is definitely a rollercoaster with many loops.

Here’s all the goss surrounding Lauren, Jono and Ellie’s texting scandal on Married At First Sight

What happened to Lauren and Jono at Sunday night’s Commitment Ceremony?

To give you a quickie recap — but I truly implore you to check out this juicy, jam-packed episode recap by Chantelle SchmidtTori let it slip that Jono had been texting fellow bride Ellie throughout the whole experiment.

Although Jono claimed the texts were nothing but friendly chats, Lauren was visibly hurt by the revelation. Especially after she’d talked about how she and her reality TV husband had a gorgeous time at Homestays Week.

At the season’s final dinner party, Lauren went for Jono’s jugular over the texts. Ever since then, big cracks have appeared in Jono and Lauren’s reality TV marriage.

Jack claimed Lauren knew about texts before the Commitment Ceremony

In an interview with HIT’s Allan and Carly, Tori’s MAFS husband Jack claimed that Lauren knew about the texts before the Commitment Ceremony.

Jack told the hosts that Tori might’ve received the information from either Lucinda or Andrea, but he couldn’t confirm who exactly it was from.

“I’m pretty sure Lucinda asked Tori if she would bring it to air,” Jack revealed.

“And the exclusive is Tori actually asked Lauren out the back, ‘I’ve got this information, what do you want me to do with it?’ and Lauren asked her to bring it up at the Commitment Ceremony.”

Lauren backs Jack’s claims, confirms she knew about the texts

On Tuesday, Lauren joined HIT’s Allan and Carly for an interview on her MAFS experience and the massive texting scandal that’s taken over the show.

Naturally, the hosts asked the bride about Jack’s claims, which she confirmed were true.

“Yeah, it’s actually true,” Lauren confirmed.

“What happened was we go to the Commitment Ceremonies right? Two people share a taxi to the Commitment Ceremony and we’re not meant to discuss things about the show on the way, but obviously Lucinda and Tori were discussing this.

“When we got there, we’re still mic’d up, there’s producers everywhere, but we weren’t actually being filmed at the time.

“Tori and Lucinda pulled me aside and we had producers all around us and they did tell me, like they blindsided me on the couch, they told me, but once this happens, you’re filming a television show and it’s something so huge, it needs to be discussed while we’re filming.”

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Lauren went on to say that she only found out about the texts right “before [they] walked in” the Commitment Ceremony.

“Lucinda and Tori definitely told me and I said, ‘Yes – we need to discuss this on the couch!’” the bride revealed.

“[Jack] is actually telling the truth.”

After the ‘YUGE tea spill, Lauren defended Tori and said that she believed her fellow bride was “getting a bad rap” because it seemed “like she was delighted” about the scandal.

Lauren spills on her reaction to Jono and Ellie’s texts

Following that shocking confession, Carly Portch told the bride that she truly believed it was Lauren’s first time hearing about the text messages on the commitment couch due to her reaction.

The bride went on to explain that she reacted in that way because the news was still fresh and that the text messages reminded her of previous relationshits.

“The other thing that I was really emotional about as well as that it was so triggering,” Lauren shared.

“At that moment, I didn’t believe that Jono had done something super malicious, but I just felt triggered and embarrassed.

“That’s what that emotion was about.”

Toward the end of the interview, Lauren defended Tori one final time, saying that she and Lucinda “did right by her”.

Welp! There you have it.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Jack — THAT JACK — was telling the truth. I also feel bad for Tori, who did get completely slammed for Sunday night’s episode.

You see, before she told Lauren about the texting scandal, she did say that she was “euphoric” about the information she had on Jono. I’m not going to lie, it did seem like she was euphoric about getting Lauren back, who had been critical of her and Jack’s marriage.

I would love to know what Tori has to say about that quote as well as the texting scandal as a whole!

But for now, I’m just gonna take a bloody nap because this tea was quite a doozy.

Image source: Nine / MAFS