A MAFS 2024 Bride Has Already Been Spotted On A Dating App Days Before Final Vows

Married At First Sight‘s (MAFS) Sara has been spotted on a dating app days before final vows. Hopefully, she finds more luck on that app rather than that clusterfuck disguised as a reality TV show.

Season 11 of MAFS has been quite a rocky ride for Sara. At the start of the season, Sara clashed with her hubby Tim and fellow bride Cassandra during a dinner party, and weeks later, the bride was caught in a cheating scandal with an ex.

Although she faced many hardships in her relationship with Tim, it appeared that the pair were growing stronger and stronger with every episode. Even after that cheating debacle.

(Image source: Nine / MAFS)

But following all of their hard work to salvage their reality TV marriage, it appears that Tim and Sara did not make it beyond the show, thanks to a plethora of rumours and paparazzi shots.

In fresh screenshots obtained by Daily Mail Australia, it now seems that the pair are 100 per cent donezo.

According to the publication, the 2024 bride was spotted on the dating app Hinge. The publication also stated that the “profile appears to have been recently created”.

In the screenshots — which you can peep right here — Sara has packed her Hinge profile with selfies and photos of her lush lifestyle.

In one of the Hinge prompts, Sara said: “I want someone who can take the bad.”

I guess we’ll just take this as a MAJOR HINT that they’re definitely not one of those couples who survived the shitstorm that is MAFS.

Side note: I need her to teach me how to take those kinds of pics, because she looks so good!

Did Married At First Sight’s Tim and Sara split?

As of writing this article, we’ve only just entered final vows week. In the last couple of episodes, Tim and Sara seemed to be going strong. They have yet to officially call it quits on the show.

However, earlier in the season, paparazzi shots leaked of Timothy with another girl. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the photos were snapped on February 1, and at the time, rumours that claimed Tim had a secret girlfriend while he was on the show began to surface.

Although Tim denied this rumour, an inside source told Yahoo! Lifestyle that the woman in the photo was Tim’s ex, named Barbara. The anonymous source claimed that Tim dated her before joining the show and then they dated a second time after he officially split with Sara.

(Image source: Nine / MAFS)

To be completely honest, I reckon they’ve been donezo since the cheating scandal involving Sara and her ex.

Hopefully, the bride finds a match on Hinge… but that place, just like MAFS, is a bloody hell hole.

May the odds ever be in her favour.

Image source: Nine / MAFS