Did MAFS’ Tim Calwell Have A Secret Girlfriend During Filming? We Unpack The Latest Wild Rumour

Thanks to some sneaky lil’ pap pics, it seems that another Married At First Sight coupling hasn’t lasted after the show finished filming. What an absolute bummer! Colour me distraught and surprised! This whole season of MAFS is now ruined!

In some pics obtained by Yahoo! Lifestyle, MAFS 2024 groom Tim Calwell was spotted smoochin’ a beautiful gal who is definitely not his on-screen wife Sara Mesa.

For reference, this is Sara and Tim. Things started pretty well for them. (Image: Nine)

The photos — which you can see here — were taken on the 1st of February and show Tim and a mystery woman on the Gold Coast. In these pics, Tim is holding on to a bag of takeaway food in one hand as they smooch. On another occasion, the couple were spotted hanging out with another bag of takeaway. Living the life I want to lead, to be honest.

The timing of the pics is interesting following some whispers that Tim had a secret Brazillian girlfriend during filming. There’s always a secret girlfriend somewhere on this show, isn’t there?

Kyle Sandilands questioned Sara about these rumours while she was on the Kyle & Jackie O Show for an interview. While she didn’t say much, she did speculate that the woman “might’ve been an ex” but she couldn’t remember if Tim’s ex was Italian or Brazillian.

When the rumours got back to Tim, he denied them wholeheartedly.

“The only person I was romantically involved with during the experiment was Sara, which is more than I can say about others,” Tim told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

“There will be a cheating scandal later in the season,” he noted but added that it wouldn’t be about him. Interesting!!!!

The vibes are abysmal, my friends. (Image: Nine)

Thanks to an insider source, Yahoo! Lifestyle also claims that the woman in the photo is an architect named Barbara whom Tim had a relationship with before going on MAFS. They claim that shortly after he split with Sara, he began seeing Barbara again.

The same source also claims that it’s actually Sara who is at the centre of the cheating scandal. Wouldn’t that be a fun twist?

For us, not for them though I guess.