Some MAFS Fans Aren’t Too Happy With How Tori Spilled The Tea About Jonathan & Ellie To Lauren

We’ve finally reached the last Commitment Ceremony of Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2024, and, of course, it ended with another cheating scandal. Unfortunately, we knew this was coming, but we didn’t know how much it would fucking hurt.

Episode 33 — AKA the final Commitment Ceremony of Season 11 — was an emotional roller coaster. We saw Mama Lucinda and Timothy officially leave and Sara and Tim were lowkey couple goals for once.

However, it was Lauren and Jonathan‘s time on the Commitment Couch that was truly a brutal watch.

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To give you a really quick recap — because we do have this fantastic, jam-packed recount of the explosive Commitment Ceremony by Chantelle Schmidt — Jono’s couple swap scandal was unravelled by controversial bride Tori.

The couple swap was something that had been teased since the start of Season 11 as paparazzi pics captured photos of Jono and Ellie canoodling on a beach. For folks who are just catching up, Ellie left the experiment earlier in the season after parting ways with Ben.

You know that groom who cursed us with a terrible song? Yep. That one.

Anyway, the scalding tea of the Jono and Ellie situationship was spilled by Tori who chimed in during Lauren and Jono’s time on the commitment couch.

As the pair were talking about how good Homestays was, Tori decided to say “what a crock of shit” the whole spiel was under her breath.

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The controversial bride went on to spill the tea which visibly shattered Lauren’s perspective on her reality TV husband. Especially after she said might’ve found the right guy in the experiment and their intimacy.

“Jono, you had been texting Ellie,” Tori said right before a montage of Ellie and Jonathan interacting played with ear-ringing music.

Despite Jono telling the group that Ellie was “not my type”, everyone was visibly suss about the whole situation.

As someone who has been championing Lauren the whooooole season, it just broke my heart to see

Like, Lauren literally talked about how much of a “nice guy” Jono was before this cluster fuck. And even though we knew this couple swap situation was bound to hit Season 11 some time, in my delulu mind, I thought Lauren and Jono could and would work things out.

Here are some reactions to the massive bombshell in tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight

Although I’m always for an alleged cheater to be dragged through filth on national television, I truly cannot help but think that Tori revealed this information out of malice.

Literally before the Commitment Ceremony, Tori talked about how “euphoric” she was about having this information on hand. She also had the option to approach Lauren privately about what she knew, but instead decided to air it out in front of everyone right after she talked about how happy she was with Jono.

A lot of folks on X (formerly Twitter) also shared the same idea that Tori did not have pure intentions when bringing this situation to Lauren’s attention.

But overall, the worst part was watching Lauren’s heartbreak due to a cheating scandal. It’s just such a relatable moment when you think highly of someone, just for them to turn around and just completely thrash that image.

The feeling of being catfished and a fool. I feel like I’ve felt it all before.

As SZA once sang on “Good Days”: “I worry I wasted the best of me on you. You don’t care”

Hopefully, Lauren is now living her best life and has found someone more deserving of her quirkiness outside of MAFS.

Jono, Ellie and Tori can go and kick rocks.

Image source: Nine / MAFS