MAFS’ Sara Finally Admits She Cheated On Tim After Denying It At That Explosive Dinner Party

Married At First Sight‘s (MAFS) Sara has finally admitted that she did cheat on her reality TV hubby Tim following a massive week of DRAMA.

Although most MAFS fans are still cackling over the juvenile antics of Lucinda and Timothy — AKA the Bullshit Investigators — a large percentage of us are still reeling over last Wednesday night’s dinner party, where Sara’s cheating scandal reached boiling point amongst the participants.

For those unfamiliar with what happened, Sara was called out by Eden and Jayden because she secretly saw an ex behind Tim’s back during filming. The matter was eventually brought up to the other participants during the dinner party, where Sara was completely reamed for her questionable actions.

During the squabble surrounding Sara and her ex, the controversial bride reiterated to the group that she “did not cheat” on Tim. She also said that she “never ever cheated on a partner”.

Tim then let it slip that Sara had slept with an ex before joining the experiment, which added to the narrative that she was shady and not on MAFS for the right reasons. Messy, messy. Lionel Messi. It’s darn messy.

Following all that hullabaloo, Jayden — AKA Mitch Eynaud‘s bro — has continued to prick and prod at Sara for her history with her exes during the week, which has been dubbed Feedback Week by the experts.

Whew. That was a lot.

Now, Sara has come clean about her controversial actions on MAFS during an interview with Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Richie, admitting that she did cheat.

During the interview with the golden trio, Sara attempted to take accountability for meeting up with her ex whilst being married to Tim.

She was also asked by the hosts if she believed what she did was regarded as cheating. In response, the controversial bride admitted that it was an “emotional cheat”.

“It’s definitely an emotional cheat. I definitely take on board that what I did was wrong,” Sara told the hosts.

“I think one of my major regrets was not being more apologetic and not consoling Tim right then and there, I think at that moment, my heart came out of my ass a little and I was like, ‘Holy crap, I’m on national television. Everyone’s going to think I’m a cheater, and I didn’t cheat.’

“So I think I went into defence mode, which obviously wasn’t the best thing to do. I obviously should have just apologised straightaway.”

Sara also clarified with the hosts that the ex she had sex with before MAFS was not the same ex she met up with during the show.

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I never want to give someone heat for chasing lust and love, but when it comes to cheating it’s a big OH NAUR from me.

At least she was able to admit what she did was cheating! But it’s something she should’ve acknowledged at the dinner party immediately.

But hey, what’s MAFS without at least one (1) cheating scandal, amirite?