MAFS’ Eden Might’ve Accidentally Shared Her Current Relationship Status With Jayden: ‘Oh God’

Hit that spoiler bell, because another Married At First Sight (MAFS) bride might’ve accidentally shared her current relationship status with her reality TV hubby. At least this time around it’s good news.

Although a lot of folks like to focus on the negative MAFS gossip, like Jack and his multiple problematic comments, some good things do make it out of the shitstorm.

Sometimes, the reality TV show can lead to true connections and real relationships. That being said, it seems like one of the successful couples of Season 11 is Eden and Jayden, all because of a little slip-up she made during an interview.

Speaking to STAR 104.5’s Gina Jeffreys and Matt Beasley, Eden accidentally shared that she and Jayden ARE in love.

… It could be a reach, but hear me out!

The little slip-up happened when radio host Matty suggested that fellow MAFS groom Timothy said she and Jayden were on the show for fame and not love.

“He’s thought that since he met Jayden, and he’ll probably think that forever he doesn’t like Jayden and he’s never going to,” Eden began.

“I think you can see how in love we are on the show and yeah how into each other we are.”

After she replied, Gina pointed out that Eden said “are” instead of “were”, hinting that they are together, in love!!!

“You just said ‘we are’… not ‘we were’,” Gina exclaimed.

“Oh God, maybe you’ll have to wait and see,” Eden laughed, realising that everyone looks in between the lines when it comes to MAFS tea.

Look, again, it could be a reach, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jayden and Eden made it outside of the show.

Another clue that suggests Married At First Sight‘s Eden and Mitch are still together

Earlier in the season, there was a bit of a silly spoiler that hinted towards a real-life relationship between the reality TV couple.

You see, Jayden’s brother Mitch was previously a groom on the show. On his Instagram, Mitch shared a selfie of an adorable pooch, who seemed to be Eden’s!

What was quite suss is that Mitch mentioned the dog’s name — which is Cub — in his original Instagram caption, however, it was quickly changed when fans began to realise whose adorable pup it was.

The pair have yet to be papped together — like other couples such as Jack and Tori, and Ellie and Jonathan — but I have a strong feeling that Jayden and Eden are MAFS endgame.

But as Eden said, we’ll just have to wait and see.