Ella Ding Has Reacted To Mitch Eynaud’s Return To MAFS And She Reckons He’s Full Of Shit

The shitstorm that is Married At First Sight (MAFS) has finally hit our TV screens and the return of one groom from Season Nine has riled up their ex-reality TV wife. I’m, of course, talking about the return of Mitch Eynaud and Ella Ding‘s cackle-worthy reaction to his choice of words in Episode Three.

For folks who are not too familiar with MAFS — the show follows a bunch of strangers who put their faith in experts and marry a person they’ve never met. Most of the time the relationships end in a ‘yuge dumpster fire, but that’s what we love about the show. It’s a cruel world, innit.

Anyways, Season 11 has finally begun and what makes this season extra special is that a former MAFS contestant’s brother, Jayden, will be joining the show.

As the lovely Soaliha Iqbal from PEDESTRIAN.TV hilariously described it, it’s basically “MAFS nepotism”.

In Episode Three, we finally got to see the reality TV Nepo baby get hitched to Eden and it was honestly quite lovely. Alongside the wedding — and mostly because the MAFS producers gotta milk it a little — was the return of Mitch, who made some interesting revelations.

During the episode, Mitch reminisced about his marriage to Ella Ding and pondered on some of the regrets he had in his MAFS journey.

After hearing those totally not scripted no bull shit all tea all shade choice words from Mister Mitch, Ella had a few thoughts about her ex’s regrets.

“Unfortunately I don’t necessarily buy it. I think he’d regret parts of the experiment but I think because he broke a lot of trust it’s hard to believe that,” the Sit With Us podcast host told Daily Mail Australia when asked about Mitch’s “regrets” in this season’s MAFS.

The reality TV star turned influencer went on to say that his dialogue was delivered “a little too perfectly”, however, she was aware that her reaction to his confession could come from a place of resentment.

“It just seemed a little too perfectly said to me maybe I’m holding onto resentment who knows.”

There ya have it! Ella basically believes Mitch was full of BS when he talked about his “MAFS regrets” during his brother’s episode.

One thing I want to highlight is that I love how Ella was able to acknowledge that her response could be bitter as a result of her past relationship with Mitch, instead of just being like “F HIM. I HATE HIM”.

Look, it could definitely be a sign of A+ media training, but IDK. It just gave that statement a little razzle-dazzle of being able to acknowledge emotions when ya feel them.

It’ll be interesting to see if Mitch returns throughout the season. Hopefully, we can get an Ella Reacts reel or Instagram Story, but only for when Mitch pops up.