OOF: Ella Called Mitch The ‘Worst Guy’ She’s Ever Dated, Surprising Literally No One On Earth

Married At First Sight’s Ella Ding has revealed her on-screen hubby Mitch Eynaud is “the worst guy [she’s] ever dated”. Not really surprised by that one, TBH.

Ella made an appearance on The Handbags podcast with Michael Brunelli and Josh Moss. In the podcast, Ella dropped a steaming hot mug full of tea about her relo with Mitch both on and off the show.

Now if you missed it, Mitch said Ella was his girlfriend in the MAFS finale. Then behind the scenes videos from Domenica Calarco’s MAFS viewing party were shared by So Dramatic’s Megan Pustetto. In one of the vids, Ella implied that Mitch and fellow contest Tamara Djordevic were together.

“I got rejected by Mitch, are you for real?” Tamara said to her on-screen husband Brent Vitiello in the show.

While that scene was playing at the party, Ella was videoed shouting: “She’s like ‘are you for real’ because they’re actually fucking!”

In another twisty little turn of events, Ella later told Fitzy & Wippa that she hadn’t heard from Mitch since the MAFS reunion.

“It wasn’t straight away, it started to drop off, fizzle out and it was probably about two months ago some articles hit the media and he decided to cut me off,” she said.

Wowee, that sounds petty bloody cold. Another MAFS man allegedly breaking up with his girlfriend in a yikes way? That’s two folks!

In her interview with The Handbag Ella revealed the pics of her and Brent Vitiello vibing at the beach on Valentine’s Day were the nail in the coffin for her and Mitch. She said he blocked her on all platforms when the pics were leaked. At least send her a DM first, mate.

Plus, Brent later said Dom was at the beach with them the whole time! Make it all make sense!

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“The way that I see it is that Mitchell was waiting for one little thing for me to do wrong, for him to just tap out,” Ella said.

“I tried to call him, he wouldn’t pick up my calls. And then he blocked me on every platform.”

Ella also described Mitch as an “enigma” and methinks this was not intended as a compliment.

“I’ve dated a lot of men and I am good at reading people. I have never met anyone like Mitchell,” she said.

Ella took aim at Mitch’s behaviour during their relationship, describing “head fuckery” like she’d never experienced before.

“Mitch has been the worst guy I’ve ever dated,” she said.

According to Ella, she’s now single. RIP all the Ella and Brent shippers: we can still hold out hope. But as long as queen Ella is happy, so am I.