Um, Turns Out Ella Hasn’t Seen MAFS Gronk Mitch Since The Reunion & Now He’s Dating Tamara

Ella Ding, who recently revealed her boyfriend Mitch Eynaud is dating villain Tamara

In a plot twist we all probably should have seen coming, MAFS fuccboi Mitch Eynaud actually ended up ghosting his on-screen-wife-turned-IRL-girlfriend Ella Ding not long after the season’s reunion. Now he’s apparently dating the season’s villain, Tamara Djordejvic. An apt pairing, if you ask me.

Rumours that Mitch and Tamara are dating exploded after Ella appeared at Domenica Calarco‘s MAFS reunion viewing party alone. 

So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto shared behind the scenes footage of Ella outing the two at the party.

“I got rejected by Mitch, are you for real?” Tamara asked her on-screen husband Brent Vitiello in a spicy scene.

Ella can be heard in Megan’s video shouting,  “She’s like ‘are you for real’ because they’re actually fucking!”.

So Dramatic! has since reported Mitch and Tamara have been spotted together several times in recent weeks, and now Ella and Brent themselves have confirmed the two are together.

Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa, Brent said he isn’t surprised “one bit” by the new pairing.

“I don’t [care] because leading up to everything, there’s a lot more that they didn’t show you — leading up to her and Mitch and stuff that went on behind closed doors,” he said.

“She already had her fangs in.”

Yep, turns out something was definitely going on between the two, because Mitch cut off Ella after the reunion, despite how loved up the two were on screen.

“I haven’t seen Mitchell since the reunion,” she revealed.

“It wasn’t straight away, it started to drop off, fizzle out, and it was probably about two months ago some articles hit the media and he decided to cut me off.”

Interestingly, according to So Dramatic! it’s also been roughly two months Mitch has been linked to Tamara.

Honestly, those two deserve each other.

But we know what you’re really waiting for: news on if Brent and Ella are indeed bumping uglies.

It turns out the two have not yet hooked up, with Brent confirming they haven’t even kissed.

“We’ve definitely said that we would have been a better match, and that we get along,” Ella told Fitzy and Wippa.

“We’re very similar, we’re both Aries. but we havent really, in terms of discussing us, that kind of thing — no we haven’t. We can probably blame me for that, I’d say. Brent, wouldn’t you agree?”

Brent revealed that he’s been reading the room and waiting for Ella to be ready. Someone’s keen!

However, Ella said she’s not ready to date just yet.

“I think, for me, I’m gonna be completely honest, I’m still just healing and getting over some stuff,” she said.

“Like with Mitchell and Tamara and all the crap that’s been going on these past few months. It still gets to me. I don’t want to rush into anything if I’m not feeling ready for it.”

Spoken like a true self-aware queen. Honestly, Mitch is probably the biggest bullet she’ll ever dodge in her life. Good riddance!