You Just Know Grumpy Pants Liv Hates That Besties Ella’s & Dom’s Mums Are Friends Too

MAFS besties Ella Ding‘s and Domenica Calarco‘s mums met up for dinner last week because their friendship isn’t just for show. It’s the real deal.

Ella’s mum Belinda shared pics of the cheeky wine night in an Instagram post from last Tuesday.

Belinda was standing behind Dom and Dom’s mum Anna at the table in the pic. A second pic showed besties Ella and Dom sitting on the couch together watching an episode play out on the telly.

“Two very proud mothers finally meet,” Belinda said in the post.

I absolutely cried, shook and threw up at this. This was so bloody cute. Ella and Dom’s friendship has been one of the few wholesome highlights of this season.

So to see that friendship not only exist outside the show but be so genuine and real that their rents met up for dinner was extra special. Absolutely love this for all four of them.

Belinda posted a few other pics of our fave MAFS duo in the past few weeks.

“My beautiful Ella in Sydney celebrating [with] Dom a couple [of] weeks ago,” she said in one post.

“Glamour girls🤍💚”

Anyway back to the messy binch drama because this is Married At First Sight after all.

Eagle-eyed fans at So Dramatic! spotted Ella’s mum doesn’t follow her on-screen husband Mitch Eynaud on Insta. But she does follow Dom, Dom’s partner Jack Millar, human puppy dog Al Perkins, Selina Chhaur and Brent Vitiello.

Interesting. Veryyyy interesting.

Mitch was rumoured to be dating his co-star Tamara Djordjevic after the pair were spotted at a bar on the Gold Coast last month. Ella was rumoured to be with Brent after they were spotted on the beach on Valentine’s Day.

Coincidence? We’ll let you figure that one out.

Ella was asked about Mitch and Tamara dating rumours on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday. She said she’s seen comments and articles about it. But she hasn’t asked them.

“I know as much as everyone else knows right now,” she said via the Daily Mail.

“I’m trying not to believe everything I see. But I can’t really confirm or deny.”

Again, interesting. You had to be blind to not see Ella and Mitch weren’t a good fit together. Mitch not wanting to move to Melbourne and being a bit coy about long-distance said a lot. But the tone of Ella’s answer here seemed to confirm that they might not be still together.

I guess we won’t know until the reunion next Monday. Either way, I’m sure the Ding x Calarco group chat is gonna be going fkn off that night.