Hello gorgeous gorgeous MAFS enjoyers, how are we all doing after that simply smashing episode? Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

The main beef of the night was of course was between Domenica and Olivia. We all know this. We’ve been hyped since Sunday night’s preview.

A bit of absolutely classic MAFS-ery there.

Domenica smashed a glass on Monday which definitely wasn’t a great move. But her apology on Tuesday was honestly pretty impressive stuff. You can read all about it in PEDESTRIAN.TV’s episode recap, right here!

But fans were less impressed with Olivia’s handling of the situation.

Olivia described herself as “petty” in a convo with her husband Jackson where she was explaining her feelings about the situation. Specifically, she said she still hadn’t forgiven the girls who threw sand on her in pre-school.

To each their own, I guess.

Viewers also weren’t impressed with Olivia labelling Domenica “white trash”. In 2022? Really?

But amid the fighting and the frightened-looking men, a true hero emerged: Ella. She was absolute bestie vibes, supporting Dom and listening to her when she needed it most.

When you know you’ve fked up, whether by a little or a lot, you need your friends to call you out. But you also need them to support, reassure and help you fix the situation.

It was fkn lovely to see. Ella calmly but resolutely stood by Dom’s side throughout the episode.

MAFS fans particularly praised Ella’s decision to stand up for Dom even when the rest of the group seemed to be backing Olivia.

You heard it MAFS producers!! More female friendships!!

Fans were also pleasantly surprised by how Jackson handled the situation.

He listened to Olivia’s feelings and said he was proud of her when she tried to give Domenica a hug. But while Olivia refused to accept Dom’s apology and said smashing the glass was “assault”, Jackson took a different route.

He acknowledged that none of the guys had been at the dinner. But he said he accepted Dom’s apology and that the group should put it to bed.

Yeah the bar is on the floor, but it was still nice to see.

Jackson called Olivia out on her behaviour during Dom’s apology because she made multiple comments under her breath. Honestly, it was an incredibly polite confrontation from his end. He also reiterated how much he appreciated it that Olivia had tried to hug Dom.

“I appreciate that you put out that olive branch … I appreciate that,” he said.

But he said he was disappointed by her behaviour during the apology.

“It’s hard because the apology has been done,” Jackson said.

“The thing that has hurt me a lot is sitting here and listening to the snide comments.”

Olivia took it badly, breaking down in tears.

Amid all the drama and honestly, a pretty heavy ep of MAFS, there was one true bright spot.

Sweet baby himbo Al wrote Sam a poem. I want it tattooed.

See you tomorrow, where absolutely none of the tension will be resolved!

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