Married At First Sight’s Brent Vitiello has denied claims that he and Mitch Eynaud have swapped brides.

The latest Keeping Up With The Heterosexuals rumour mill began when Vitiello was spotted on what looked like a beach date with fellow MAFS 2022 star Ella Ding on February 14th. On Valentine’s Day of all days? Hmm, that’s suspicious, that’s weird.

Then New Idea reported that Ding’s on-screen husband Mitch and Brent’s on-screen wife Tamara Djordjevic were spotted hanging out on the Gold Coast that same week. The pair “appeared close as they enjoyed the day together” as Tamara apparently was seen holding a bouquet of roses. Things that make you go hmm part 2.

Call us some messy binches but that’s mighty suss and weird. It appeared from those outings that the two couples swapped partners. The two couples had been clashing a bit on the show so you wouldn’t be dragged into the mud for believing this.

But Brent Vitiello denied these claims. He told Yahoo Lifestyle that he and Ella are “just good friends”. He also said that co-star Domenica ‘Princess Bogan’ Calarco was at the beach with them.

He then said he didn’t mind that Tamara and Mitch had hung out and mentioned that it had happened on “multiple occasions”.

“Why not? Good luck to them, I guess.”

He also gave a bit of a cagey statement about whether he and Tamara are still together, describing their relationship as “civil, good [and] long-distance”.

“We’re OK,” he said.

“We’re doing good… I just came from the gym so I take [the ring] off while I train.”

A-huh, sure.

Brent bailed on an appearance on the TODAY morning show with his on-screen bride less than a day after the first episode of the season aired. Tamara then had to awkwardly explain why he wasn’t there.