MAFS Fans Are Sharpening Their Blades After Major Fuckboi Mitch Shattered Ella’s Heart

mafs mitch ella final vows

MAFS fans want to give Ella Ding a big hug after Eshays lad Mitch Eynaud ghosted his way out of giving her an answer at final vows in Tuesday night’s ep.

Ella and Mitch were in a bit of a weird place after they realised at the final dinner party on Sunday they wanted different things in a relationship.

Ella needed someone who used affirmative language, communicated their needs and made her feel loved. But Mitch said that’s not something he does. He told her the morning after the dinner party that maybe he wasn’t the right man for her.

It was absolutely brutal after we’d seen Ella glow when she talked about her relationship early into the experiment. It was also clear in the latter half of the season she was losing her spark by compensating for him. Particularly when he hadn’t done the same for her.

But fans were boiling with rage in Tuesday’s MAFS ep when Mitch dumped Ella in a classic fuckboi move at their final vows.

He said he couldn’t say whether he wanted to be with Ella outside the show. He needed to go back home and think about it. But saying he didn’t have a decision was a decision. As Ella told producers, it was a total copout.

Viewers were absolutely fuming when this happened. Several fans were shocked Mitch would let such an intelligent and emotionally mature woman like Ella go.

“Mitch, babe. You realise this is the end of the experiment yeah? You don’t get an extension just to think it over,” said one fan.

“Ella is so much better off without you.”

“He wants to rack off home to avoid making a decision at all,” said another fan.

“He’s basically done avoidance to Ella throughout the whole damn show.”

A few viewers felt that they could tell Mitch was going to bail on Ella because of the way he’d treated her throughout the season. A few other fans were also gunning for Ella to be the next Bachelorette after the episode aired because she deserves to find love.

“The first thing Ella should’ve taken as a red flag is the fact he would’ve even consider moving to Melbourne for her,” said one fan.

“That’s not a man who has good intentions and is willing to commit.”

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