MAFS’ Brent Reckons He & Ella Would Be Together Today If They Had Been Matched On The Show

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

MAFS stars Brent Vitiello and Ella Ding may not have found love with the people they were partnered with on the show, but it looks like they’ve found love with, well, each other.

The pair have been busy setting off dating rumours since the season wrapped and in a new interview, Brent finally confirmed that there’s sparks between the pair.

During his appearance on Good Bitch Podcast, Brent was asked if there’s anything going on between him and Ella and just wait til ya bloody see what his response was.

“There is an attraction, yes,” he responded (!!!).

“And there is, you know, great chemistry, and we spoke about if we were matched, would things be much different, and 100%. I think we’d probably still be together.”

He’s so committed to Ella, in fact, that he told the hosts that he’d rather lick the soles of Ella’s feet every day for the rest of his life than marry old mate Tamara Djordjevic again.

Harsh, but fair!

Have a listen to the full ep here.

It comes after the rumoured couple threw a joint birthday party, further fuelling the fire of this rumour.

They hosted the combined bday bash at Eros Sydney, where multiple MAFS stars were in attendance along with both of their parents. Yep, they met each other’s parents. Bless!

They also gushed about each other during Fitzy and Wippa’s MAFS dinner party.

Fitzy asked the couple: “Would you guys ever hook up?”

“Hey babe,” Brent said to Ella.

“We were focusing on our relationships only but I will say something now,” Brent continued. “If there’s any woman in the world that you would want as your partner, you’d want Ella.”

Ella went on to say that during the experiment, she didn’t get the chance to know Brent on a deeper level.

“We were there just focusing on our partners,” she said.

Days later, Ella and Brent addressed the relationship rumours as they were spotted leaving his Bondi apartment en route to Domenica’s infamous reunion party.

“Which rumours? Do you mean Mitch and Tamara? That’s all I know,” Brent said, referencing those sneaky rumours.

“Aren’t they saying ‘Team Brella’?” Ella then said..

“We are, we’re just chilling,” Ella added, while Brent said: “We’re just doing a bit of Brella shit and that’s it.”

Then, on the night after the MAFS finale aired, Brent appeared on Fitzy and Wippa’s radio show where he insisted that they’re just mates.

“Team Brella… we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about that mean as I have been spending time together, but again, it’s still it’s still as friends you know, we’re still trying to get through,” Brent said.

Fitzy then called Ella, who confirmed she is yet to kiss Brent, but is considering moving to Sydney.

“Look, we’ve definitely said that we would have been a better match. And yeah, we get along, we’re very similar, we’re both by fire signs, we’re both Aries,” she said.

When asked why he hasn’t tried to kiss Ella yet, Brent responded: “I’m reading the room type thing.”

Ella added: “I’m gonna be completely honest, I’m still just healing and getting over stuff like with Mitchell and Tamara and just like all the all the crap that’s been going on in the past few months.

“It still still gets to me and I don’t want to rush into anything if I’m not feeling you know, ready for it. And I’m just not ready.”

Maybe one day they will be!