The MAFS 2024 Couples Retreat Tea That We Didn’t Even See Is Bloody Sending Me

It’s without a doubt that Married At First Sight (MAFS) has a shit tonne of drama on screen. But the drama that happens behind the cameras? It’s ultra chaotic. And let’s just say it’s rumoured to have hit a new boiling point during this week’s couple retreat.

MAFS is NOTORIOUS for having some fucked stories from beyond the lens of the reality TV cameras. For example, Season 11 has already birthed several spoilers and gossip, such as Jack‘s ex, Ellie and Jonathan‘s relationship and Ben‘s new girlfriend.

However, it seems that the drama hit a whole new level during this week’s tumultuous couples retreat in New South Wales surfer dude capital, Byron Bay. So naturally, we have to divulge all the spicy tea, rumours and alleged buffoonery of MAFS.

Here’s all the drama from Married At First Sight’s hellish couples retreat to Byron Bay

Side note: Two things. A) These are all just rumours, so please take the tea with a BARREL of salt and B) Spoiler alert! Some of the alleged dramatics of the cast may add to spoilers for upcoming episodes. You have been warned!

Stephen and Michael are rumoured to be donezo

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia — so please take the tea with a barrel of salt, once again — an insider claimed that the couple’s marriage was over at the retreat. It reportedly got to a point where they “spent every minute apart” when cameras weren’t rolling.

“They had no chance in hell of mending things,” the insider told the publication.

“They spent every minute apart when cameras weren’t rolling, and there was no hope for them. Both they and producers knew it.”

TBH, judging by Sunday night’s episode, where Stephen flirted with a hairdresser and how Michael shared it with the group, this break-up was unfortunately coming.

(Image source: Nine)

Sara and Tim get heated by the pool

An insider told Daily Mail Australia that Sara and Tim shared a “nasty fight” by the pool during their stay in Byron Bay.

Peoples. Peoples. Peoples. I thought this was a romance show. Guess NOT.

“Tim says he felt like Sara despises him. It was really, really heated,” the insider said.

“Sara and Tim’s little date day was filmed on the second day to rekindle and get away from everyone.

“The night before Sara was all of a sudden ‘uncomfortable’ around Jack and confided with Tori and Jack about how Tim wasn’t for her.”

What I find quite shady is that Daily Mail Australia claimed that it was an unnamed cast member who shared this tea. Fucking yikes!!!

Lauren and Jonathan also scrap during the retreat

It’s no secret that Lauren and Jono do not make it past the lights, camera and Commitment Couch. Literally, episodes into Season 11, Jono was papped Baywatch style with Ellie.

However, tea from a MAFS spy added more fuel to the fire AKA Lauren and Jono’s relationshit.

“Lauren and Jono had a heated fight after Jono told Lauren that Tori had ‘malicious intent’, asking Tim if Sara was the mother of his kids,” the source said.

Woah, that question is kinda wild… innit?

However, what makes the tea quite confusing is that Daily Mail Australia reported that Sara (not Lauren) asked… Ellie the same question? IDK it’s confusing, but honestly, we know this couple has been donezo day dot.

Moving on!

(Image source: Instagram / @jono.mccullough)

Jono rumoured to clash with Lauren over a secret alliance

One of the more surprising and spicier pieces of tea from the retreat is that Lauren and Jack are rumoured to have a secret alliance. This is quite shocking as Jack pissed the nation off a couple of episodes back after he told Jono to put a ‘muzzle’ on his wife, Lauren.

Again, take this tea with a grain of salt!

Per Daily Mail Australia, an insider said “tensions escalated” at the retreat when Jono found out about Lauren and Jack’s alliance, and that his reality TV bride had allegedly labelled him a liar behind his back.

“Jono was understandably upset when he found out. [Timothy] and Tristan, camera in tow, woke him up to break the news, leading to Jono’s immediate decision to leave the situation altogether,” the insider revealed to the publication.

“He didn’t hesitate; he packed his bags, informed the production team of his decision to leave, and even started drafting his departure note.”

The insider continued the ‘yuge tea spill by telling the publication that things seemed to be fixed between the pair the following day, adding that Lauren explained to Jono “she had been manipulated by Jack”.

Damn. I thought I would never say this but think I need a time out from all this drama.