‘Impossible To Deal With’: MAFS’ Ellie Brutally Dragged Ben In A Scathing Facebook Comment

Married At First Sight’s (MAFS) Ellie has brutally called out her reality TV hubby Ben after his list of dislikes about their relationship was shared on social media.

Alongside Jack and Tori, Ben and Ellie are one of Season 11’s most chaotic pairings. Earlier this season — and I mean only a couple of episodes in — loved-up photos of Ellie and fellow groom Jonathan began to surface, which became a major spoiler for this year’s MAFS.

A few days after that piece of tea, a behind-the-scenes video diary of Ben and Ellie was leaked on social media. In the video, the pair slammed producers and how they use edits to make storylines.

And adding to the long list of bloody MAFS spoilers, Ben was papped smooching his new girlfriend Aileen earlier this week, confirming that he and Ellie didn’t make it beyond the show.

In the latest piece of drama between this MAFS pair, Ben’s list of all the things he didn’t like about his relationship with Ellie — which caused a major conflict in Tuesday’s episode — was shared by So Dramatic!. Unfortunately, the post brought more drama to this chaotic couple. Well, exes.

Here’s all the boiling tea surrounding Married At First Sight’s Ben and Ellie

Why was Ben kicked out of their room?

In Episode 19, MAFS fans were unfortunately treated to the musical stylings of Ben, who wrote a song about his love for Ellie.

Although Ellie took a liking to Ben’s attempt at wooing her, a couple of scenes later — which was said to be “hours” later — the pair hit another rough patch due to Ben’s actions. As a result, the groom/songwriter/singer was kicked out of the couple’s Sydney Skye Suite.

According to the reality TV bride, Ben took an hour to write a list of everything he didn’t like about their relationship. Some of the things included her wearing makeup, the fact that she’s from the Gold Coast and their age gap. She’s 32, and he’s 39.

SHE HAD NOTES!!!! (Image source: Nine)

What did Ben really write in the book?

According to an Instagram post by reality TV gossip podcast So Dramatic! Ben didn’t necessarily write a list about all of his dislikes.

Instead, the headline on the page reads “Why its [sic] not working for me” followed by a long list that slightly matched what Ellie mentioned in that heated scene.

The list included dot points such as “not matching her sensitivity”, “bedroom etiquette waking up Ellie / I feel unwelcomed in my bedroom”, “not wanting to debrief the day”, “spending hours doing makeup” and my personal favourite, “vaping”.

You can peep the full list below:

(Image source: Instagram / @sodramaticpodcast_)

An interesting detail is definitely the right-hand page, which featured Ellie’s list.

Her list included stuff like “[Ben] off camera vs on camera”, “Not debriefing the experiment”,”[Ben] not subscribing to drama”, and that “[Ben] doesn’t do well under pressure”.

Has Ellie responded to the leaked list?

Boy oh boy. This is where the plot truly thickens.

According to a deleted Facebook comment from Ellie, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, she claimed that the list Ben sent to So Dramatic! was a lie!!!

“Dear Ben, Did you forget we were friends on here buddy? Classic,” the reality TV bride wrote under Ben’s profile pic, which was reportedly a “loved-up” photo of him and his new partner Aileen.

“I actually heard from Timothy you were seeing Aileen before you went on MAFS (you told him at lunch when you were in Melbourne) talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

“I’ve been reading every horrible article you’re leaking about me and all the lies and now the made-up list you sent to So Dramatic — we both know that’s not the original list you wrote.”


Ellie went on to mention that they did have their good times off-camera and added that he’s been lying about some of the claims he’s made outside of the show.

“As for saying I was messaging another husband the entire experiment, again, more lies. You know it, I know it, the entire bloody cast know it,” she wrote in the now-deleted Facebook comment.

“The truth will come out. We both know I tried to make it work with you, it was horrible watching it back for how much I tolerated.

“I was smitten as hell when I first met you, but you were impossible to deal with as time went on. It’s not a ‘bad edit,’ it’s a mirror being held up and for once take some accountability for your behaviour.”

At the end of the Facebook comment, Ellie claimed that Ben has made “fake Instagram accounts”. She also told him to “accept that [he] look like a bit of a c**t on tele”.


Ben reading the comment on his alleged fake accounts. (Image source: NINE)

And to tie up all of that drama, earlier this week, a source told So Dramatic! that Ellie allegedly broke up with a boyfriend to appear on the show.


According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Ben has completely locked his Facebook account — and possibly his alleged fake accounts. He has yet to respond to Ellie’s bruuuuutal Facebook comment.

Despite how much I hate how they broke up — which was during last night’s dinner party in front of all the MAFS participants — I am so glad they ended things.

Hopefully, Ellie is enjoying her new relationship with Jonathan. As for Ben? IDK, the man kinda ruffled my feathers with that damn song from earlier this week.