MAFS Fans Are Losing It Over Ben And The Terrible Love Song He Wrote For Ellie

Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans are cackling over Ben‘s lacklustre love song he wrote for his reality TV wife Ellie. Let me just chuck on my best Simon Cowell V-Neck shirt, ‘cos that was a NO from me.

On this episode of MAFS, Swifties can have that Taylor Swift Eras Tour hole in their souls filled with the musical stylings of Ben. I mean, that is if they like a mush of words delivered in a monotone voice, accompanied by four guitar chords.

For viewers who decided to save their ears tonight, Ben decided to write and sing a song– originally titled “Stay Or Leave” and then changed to Thank You Ellie” — that was kinda supposed to be a symbol of his love and appreciation for his MAFS bride Ellie.

“Anyways, here’s ‘Wonderwall.’” (Image source: Nine)

Although most of us would swoon over the thought of someone writing a song or poem out of love, there was just something about this tune that had viewers CACKLING.

Some of the lyrics included, “I’ve been unaware of my fucked up behaviours” to something about the Commitment Couch, and then straight into thanking Ellie.

Pack it up, Ed Sheeran!!!

It was just (no offence because it seemed like there was a lot of emotion) comedic gold.

Here are the best reactions to Married At First Sight‘s “Thank You Ellie” song

Although Ellie said she had a “glimmer of hope” after Ben revealed he had written a song for her — she also cried a little, which was quite sweet — the pair, unfortunately, reached another rough patch a few hours later.

The episode ended (spoiler) with Ellie kicking the songwriter out. According to Ellie, Ben had ruined the moment by listing everything he hated about their relationship.

Blink twice if you want OUT of MAFS. (Image source: Nine)

Some of the things the groom allegedly listed was that she wore makeup, her age and the fact she was from the Gold Coast. UMMMM??? Hopefully, he didn’t list all those things in song form.

Shit behaviour and shit singing? Mans is a HARD PASS.