Apparently MAFS Bride Ellie Left Her Boyfriend Of Four Months To Go On The Show

Every season of Married At First Sight we hear the same thing — a contestant has dumped their partner to go on the show. So far this season, we’ve heard this rhetoric play out with this season’s apparent villain Jack Dunkley who reportedly dumped his GF to go on the show but now it seems like another contestant has changed their relationship status in order to star in MAFS 2024 — and it’s not who you’d expect!

According to So Dramatic!, 2024 bride Ellie Dix had been dating a dude for four months before MAFS but she called it quits when the application opportunity came up.

“Ellie was dating a guy for about four months before MAFS and broke up with him to go on the show,” a source said.

“She openly admitted this to Ben [Walters]on their honeymoon during the Confessions Box challenge. She said it on camera, but they never showed it.”

Me, watching this godforsaken show. (Image: Nine)

Another source told So Dramatic! that Ellie was searching for the limelight while on the show.

“It’s funny that Ben copped so much shit from Ellie’s cousin for being fame-hungry when that’s exactly why she went on the show,” an anonymous cast member allegedly said.

They also claimed that she had gone on MAFS after applying for Love Triangle, another love-based reality show created by the production company behind MAFS.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a huge deal. If you’re willing to break up with someone to go on TV, I think it’s safe to say that the relationship isn’t a long-lasting eternal love, don’t you think?

Anyway, it all seemed to work out for Ellie who has now appeared to shack up with a different MAFS groom to her on-screen hubby Ben. She’s recently been papped frolicking around in the surf at a Sydney beach with Jono McCullough.

The pics look staged AF but they look happy so whatever works, I guess!