MAFS’ Jack Dunkley: Everything We Know About The Controversial Groom Raising Eyebrows

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Married At First Sight‘s Jack Dunkley was quickly pinned as the villain for MAFS 2024 — with many drawing comparisons to the personal trainer and MAFS 2023’s Harrison Boon —and after what he said during MAFS episode 16, I don’t think he’ll be getting any type of redemption arc in Season 11.

There’s a lot of talk about MAFS‘ most controversial groom (so far), so we’ve compiled everything we know about Jack below.

Who is Jack Dunkley married to on MAFS?

Jack is married to Tori Adams. The pair tied the (fake) knot in Episode 2 of MAFS 2024 and appeared to hit it off from the start, with Tori’s mum more or less giving her cheeky nod of approval.

Speaking with PEDESTRIAN.TV in February, Jack said that we hadn’t seen the real Tori on our screens yet and that “the edit” was to blame.

jack dunkley mafs
Tori and Jack meeting each other for the first time. (Image: Nine)

“Tori is the most empowered, emotionally intelligent, intellectual woman I’ve ever met and she’s so well articulated. And we haven’t seen any of it,” he said.

“If I mess up, if I fuck up, Tori’s holding me accountable and they’re not showing any of it.”


Are Jack And Tori still together?

We’re only a few weeks into the show so the jury is still out on that one.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to the couple in February — they both joined the call separately but spoke with the utmost respect for one another.

Speaking specifically about the negative comments about their relationship online, Tori said:

“Some people have really nasty things to say and I don’t necessarily like reading those things about Jack because it’s hurtful and it hurts me.”

tori jack relationship mafs
Tori was surprised to find a picture of Jack proposing to his ex during MAFS Confessions Week.

Jack also had some really beautiful things to say about Tori during the same conversation, even noting that he’s “grateful to have her”. As a friend or more? I’ll let you decide.

“[Tori’s] one of the most well-spoken people in the entire cast and you barely heard Tori say a word. She’s incredible and I’m grateful to have her.”

Instagram page @mafsuncensored reported that the couple are still together post show (just days after the MAFS premiere, mind you), however, Daily Mail has since reported that the couple have split up since.

Either way, I’m getting the sense things are definitely rosy with these two — whether they’re a MAFS 2024 couple that make it or not.

Does Jack get kicked out of the MAFS experiment?

During MAFS episode 16, the controversial groom was called out for saying that the other grooms could sleep with Tori if there’s a couple swap task.

When being asked about the situation by Tori’s friend, Lauren Dunn, Jack wound up telling Lauren’s MAFS husband, Jono McCullough, to “muzzle your woman”.

mafs recap
Jack told Lauren’s husband to “muzzle” her. (Image: Nine)

While the MAFS experts definitely called Jack out during the following Commitment Ceremony, Jack was not kicked out and both he and Tori wrote ‘Stay’ on their decision cards.

We do know that John Aiken proposes kicking out a MAFS cast member during Season 11, so perhaps Jack’s time may still be cut short due to his actions — we’ll have to wait and see.

What does Jack do for work?

Jack is a personal trainer.

“I do hold myself a certain way, I do have a look about me, but I’m a humble guy and I like to help people — that’s what I do for a living,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“I help people find themselves and their inner peace, and I have my inner peace, I’m just lonely and I’m very much misunderstood.”

When he only had PT clients at his MAFS wedding to Tori, it raised alarm bells for her best friend, Lea. She deemed it an orange flag, wondering why people who don’t get a service from him weren’t also in attendance.

jack dunkley mafs
Jack at his wedding with his clients

When speaking with PEDESTRIAN.TV in February, Jack noted that Lea would come back later in MAFS Season 11, a scene we have now seen during family and friends week.

“Me and Lea have a great relationship now after we got to know each other,” Jack told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Are Jack and Tori faking it?

Tori and Jack are yet to consummate their marriage halfway through the experiment — a decision that Tori’s best friend, Lea, found unusual when visiting during family and friends week.

The pair have also gotten tattoos together as a “f you” to the rest of the MAFS cast, according to Tori.

Considering Tori has defended questionable behaviour from Jack including his recent ex-girlfriend, the way he offered Tori to the other men if there’s a couple swap challenge and, of course, the disgusting “muzzle” comment, it has caused some of the audience to wonder if these two are just milking this experience for the followers.

What do we know about Jack’s ex-girlfriend?

Jack has been a topic of conversation on MAFS this year after it was revealed that he was still speaking with his ex-girlfriend around the same time he was speaking to the MAFS experts about coming on Season 11.

It’s very much a ‘he said, she said’ situation when it comes to Jack and his ex-girlfriend, who he was with prior to filming MAFS Season 11.

Jack was questioned about a past relationship at the very first MAFS Commitment Ceremony.

The crux of the story is that Jack told the ex-girlfriend that he was going overseas when he was going on MAFS 2024. While Jack doesn’t deny this, he claims he only fed her that story because he’d already (unsuccessfully) tried to end things earlier.

However, he has continued to deny that his relationship with her was serious and even told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he prepared Tori for the ex-girlfriend story surfacing.

During the first Commitment Ceremony of Season 11, Jack confirmed with the MAFS experts that he was still with his ex-girlfriend when he had met John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla.

Is Jack an actor?

Other than his ex-girlfriend and the fact that he’s a personal trainer from the Gold Coast, we don’t know too much about Jack’s life before stepping foot on this show.

That being said, after digging around the internet we found Jack’s StarNow profile under the name Jacob Dunkley.

jack dunkley mafs
Wonder what his Top 8 looked like. (Image: StarNow)

According to the profile, “Jacob” has experience in acting, voice acting and production. He’s got some pretty MySpace-esque photos and a couple of iconic headshots that make us wonder if he’s been gunning for a life in the limelight for a while. Check out the StarNow photos here — it’ll be the best thing you do today.

Check out the rest of the MAFS cast’s acting moves.

How does Jack feel about being the MAFS 2024 villain?

As far as the way he’s being portrayed, Jack told PEDESTRIAN.TV he “didn’t want [the villain edit]” and instead wanted the audience to hear about how he’s been “unlucky in love”, including his failed engagement a couple of years ago.

Jack’s MAFS wife, Tori, found a picture of Jack’s ex-fianceé in his camera roll.

“They’ve pinned me as the villain and the F Boy. Not happy about it, but I was well aware it could definitely turn that way because I’ve seen the show many times,” he said.

Jack noted that his inner circle prepared him for a villain edit.

“[My friends and family] said, ‘You have a look about you and you hold yourself a certain way, you have a big chance of getting a villain edit’ and they were right. I’ve ended up being a bit of a villain this season.”

Jack’s comparison to Harrison from MAFS Season 10

PEDESTRIAN.TV recently spoke to Jack about his experience so far on MAFS Season 11, and the controversial groom admitted he knew he’d be a Harrison-type from the get-go.

Harrison was one of the most talked about MAFS grooms in Season 10.

“My friends and family that know me and respect me, I told them, ‘I’m getting married, I’m going on MAFS,’ and they all sighed and they looked at me, and they said, ‘We’re happy for you Jack but you’re going to be Harrison 2.0, we’ll tell you right now.’”

Jack admits that his views on Harrison have changed now that he’s been in similar shoes.

“I’ve actually gone and read some of his stuff,” Jack explained, noting that Bryce Ruthven and Dean Wells weren’t happy with their villain edit either. “I don’t deep dive on it, I just have a look and have a read.”

“It’s interesting because I’m experiencing it now. And yeah, it’s funny. It’s funny the way they [the previous villains] speak on it, the way they talk about the edits, how they perceive people — and it’s definitely what I’m experiencing.

“I would never believe anything I saw on a TV show again.”

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