MAFS’ Jack Has Given Us TMI About Him & Tori’s Nipples And I Really Think This Deserves Jail Time

L: Sara Mesa on MAFS at a dinner party with text reading 'my eyesss'. R: Jack Dunkley twerking in his underwear and showing his nipples, text reading: 'do you have a favourite nipple? lol'

If you thought you’d finally escaped Jack Dunkley’s nipples, I’m so sorry to tell you that you’re wrong. The Married At First Sight (MAFS) groom’s nipples were often the talk of the town on the show, with Lauren Dunn famously describing him during a dinner party as “sitting there with his nipples like a big glazed Christmas ham.”

Jack has jumped on the bandwagon and started answering fan questions on Instagram, and sadly, somebody asked him if he had “a favourite nipple”. 

Tori’s have taken [the] number one spot,” he wrote, adding a spicy chilli emoji. 

“My left nip is a mess after many years playing footy and it [kept] getting ripped out [which is] why I keep the piercing in. So the right nip [is] my favourite,” he added. 

Who asked this question?! (Image: Instagram @jack_dunkley)

The personal trainer also opened up about his relationship with Tori Adams, saying that they are “grateful” and appreciate the support from viewers. 

“Excited to see what we can achieve in this life as a couple. Happy laughing out loud together,” he said. 

That last sentence sounds like something you’d find on a cheap photo frame, but hey, they certainly seem very much in love… even if they haven’t said it yet

Here’s all the goss from Tori and Jack’s other social media posts

The couple seem pretty loved up tbh. (Image: Instagram @jack_dunkley)

MAFS’ Tori shares video of Jack twerking in his undies 

Help! Jack has continued his love of shorts that look like undies (and actual undies), and Tori has shared a video of Mr Man Bun dancing around their apartment. 

“All I’ll say is… you’re welcome! Jack, Dancing with the Stars next? What do you reckon?” she asked in the caption.  

It’s something you can’t unsee, so watch at your own risk: 

Jack reveals what he really thinks about the MAFS experts 

Jack probably got grilled by the experts the most, and after his controversial “muzzle” comment directed at Lauren, that tracks. 

But it seems the Season 11 groom believes that Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken are simply producers’ puppets. 

“The actual people portraying ‘the experts’… they are making bank on the biggest show in Aus. Everything coming out of the experts’ mouths is coming from an earpiece,” he claimed.

“They are responsible for reading out the narrative to the audience whether I agree with it or not. [It’s] all part of the show.”

Jack also revealed that John would wink at him after their heated couch sessions, and he would wink back in return.

The couple consistently provided a united front. (Image: Nine)

Jack weighs in on the Sit With Us discourse

He also addressed the drama surrounding the couples’ appearance on Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding’s Sit With Us podcast, saying: “I don’t judge ANYONE I haven’t met. Felt it was important to meet them both and have a discussion.”

He continued: “We got an amazing opportunity to add context and clarity to our journey on MAFS! Dom and Ella rock hard.”

Jack said he understood why some viewers would be sceptical about how genuine his relationship with Tori is, saying MAFS producers didn’t show everything. 

“Unfortunately to NO fault of our own there [were] a lot of holes in our story. That’s on MAFS production,” he declared.

Even though I have lots of ~feelings~ about this couple, they are one of the rare MAFS success stories. So, hats off (or shorts off) to them!