MAFS Viewers Are Left Gobsmacked Over Tori’s Bizarre ‘Fake It’ Comment To Jack

Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2024 has reached a whole new level of buffoonery via Tori‘s “fake it” comment during Monday night’s dinner party. I think I need a shower to wash off the cringe mixed with second-hand embarrassment.

Naturally, with Monday night marking the final dinner party for Season 11 and the return of the honesty box, things were bound to be explosive. Especially after Sunday night’s bombshell, where Tori revealed to the group that Jonathan had been texting Ellie behind Lauren‘s back.

However, it was an excruciating scene — involving Tori and Jack — that truly took the whole cake when it came to cringe on Season 11.

To give you a mini recap, Jack and Tori were met with the super scary honesty box. After a few rounds of tense questions revolving around their situationship, Jack was asked if he was “falling in love” with his reality TV bride.

Judging by Jack’s answer, it seems he had been taking kickboxing lessons from Jayden because the man was dodging the question like someone’s fists. Or toes. Whatever they use for kickboxing.

After Jack shared his half-assed answer, where he said he “could be” falling in love with Tori, the bride shimmied her way into his arms and said: “Kiss me. Just fake it.”


As soon as she said this, I truly believed that the whole relationship had been fake AF, just like that kiss (and the “diamonds” on Tori’s bracelet).

It’s a weird thing to say and if you need to ask someone to “fake it” at the final dinner party, Tori should accept that Jack is just not into her.

Of course, the absurd comment caused a reaction frenzy on X, with many fans sharing their thoughts on the bonkers, hard-to-watch interaction.

Here are some of the reactions to Tori’s “fake it” comment on Married At First Sight

Dying to see how Jack and Tori try to explain this one in their next radio interviews.

Image source: Nine / MAFS