Some MAFS Investigators Reckon They Know Why Tori Told Jack To ‘Fake’ Kiss Her

Although a majority of Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans were shook over Tori‘s “just fake it” comment during Monday night’s dinner party, some fans have come up with a theory as to why she said it.

This year’s season of MAFS has had a lot of shocking moments. We had Jack and his “muzzle” comment, Sara and her cheating scandal, and Ben‘s cursed love song for Ellie.

However, it was at the season’s final dinner party where some fans were left gob-smacked over Tori’s comment to Jack, where she told him to “kiss me, just fake it” after facing difficulties with the honesty box.

Naturally, with the whole discourse surrounding whether reality TV is really real or just fake — and the pair’s reputation this season — the comment garnered a bunch of reactions from viewers across the nation.

But after we shared the jaw-dropping moment on our Instagram account (@pedestriantv if you’re already not following!) some MAFS viewers pointed out that the controversial bride could potentially have said something else.

So… did really MAFS‘ Tori really say “just fake it” before she and her reality TV hubby had a cheeky snog? Let’s take a look.

Here’s all the tea surrounding Married At First Sight‘s Tori and her ‘just fake it’ comment

When did Tori say “Just fake it”?

Monday night marked the final dinner party for Season 11. During the festivities, each couple was met with the honesty box, which featured a plethora of tough questions about their relationships and experiences.

When it was finally Jack and Tori’s turn with the scary box, the controversial couple were met with questions surrounding their physical intimacy, romantic connection and trust.

However, the last question for Jack made the groom stumble — which asked if he could fall in love with his assigned wife.

After providing a half-assed answer, Tori shuffled over to him and gave him a snog.

Before they kissed, Tori whispered to her reality TV hubby: “Kiss me. Just fake it.”

The comments made by Tori can be faintly heard, however, the folks at Nine provided subtitles for those who might’ve missed the cheeky comment.

How did Married At First Sight fans react to Tori’s comment?

Initially, the bizarre question left a lot of people confused. Some people saw this as proof that the pair were on the show for the wrong reasons, whereas others felt bamboozled by the whole interaction.

Did Tori really say “just fake it”?

After the comment made its rounds on social media, one person pointed out on PTV’s IG that it sounded like she said something else.

“Does she not say ‘just very quick’ not ‘fake it’,” Isabelle Haswell commented.

(Image source: Instagram / @pedestriantv)

Another person also argued that Tori could’ve just said “fake it” so Jack didn’t ruin her red lip.

“I think it could be because of her lipstick. I’ve not said ‘fake it’ but I have said ‘don’t actually kiss me’ when wearing bright red lipstick,” Keeshia Pettit wrote.

(Image source: Instagram / @pedestriantv)

The whole situation reminds me of the “Laurel or Yanny” meme from the 2010s. IYKYK.

Was the “fake it” comment by Tori a cheeky edit?

Honestly, it is not easy to say yes or no. Everyone knows that reality TV involves a little bit of magic *cough* post-production edits *cough*. I mean, MAFS has already been called out for several editing fails just this season.

Although we don’t truly know if this whole debacle was made via the magic wand of editing, we do know that Tori isn’t too keen on her MAFS edit.

Only a couple of episodes into Season 11, Tori said she was “disappointed” by the edit she received on the show during an interview on CBR Wrapped with Rod Cuddihly and Gabi Elgood.

“I’m a bit disappointed for sure,” she said.

“We signed up for this and I can’t sit here and be like ‘Oh no this is going to happen’. I’ve watched all 11 seasons so I feel like I am disappointed but not shocked.”

IN MY OPINION (!!!), I think she did but the context is not what we think.

I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and levitate towards the idea that she said to “fake it” over her lipstick and not over the image of their relationship.

But hey, that’s just me being optimistic.

However, if you are reading this Tori, DM me to clear this up!!!

Image source: Nine / MAFS