MAFS Expert John Receives Praise For Calling Out All Of The Men For Jack’s ‘Muzzle’ Comment

Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans have praised relationship expert John for calling out ALL of the men for not shutting down Jack‘s fucked “muzzle” comment.

There have been a lot of scandals that have rocked the boat of Season 11. Earlier on, there was that couple swap, followed by another spoiler on which groom and bride didn’t make it past the show, and of course, the rumour that involved Jack (wow I’m so surprised) and how he allegedly broke up with his girlfriend for the show.

However, it was Episode 16 where shit truly hit the fan. Although we have a gorgeous recap — which you should be reading — the TL;DR is that during a heated conversation, Jack told fellow groom Jonathan that he should put a “muzzle” on his reality TV wife Lauren.

YUCKKKKK. Folks who were watching (me) were ready to jump through the TV screen like that little girl from The Ring. But of course, we hoped the experts would ~respectfully~ drag the boys in the next episode.

Well, we’re finally here and MAFS fans (again, me) are still riled up over the comments that were thrown at Lauren.

To give you a quick summary of how the disgusting “muzzle” comment was handled, during the Commitment Ceremony, MAFS expert John not only schooled Jono for not sticking up for Lauren (his wife), but he also came for all the blokes who stayed silent.

John then demanded that the boys do better to call out sexism and misogyny in the future.

As soon as that mic-drop moment happened, the internet erupted in praise for the relationship expert!

Here are all the best reactions to Expert John calling out all of the men on MAFS for staying silent after Jack’s “muzzle” comment

Following that brutal, raw scene, it was finally Jack and Tori‘s (his reality TV wife) turn to jump on the Commitment Couch.

Immediately, John fries Jack like he’s working at the local Fish and Chip shop. The MAFS expert told the groom that his “muzzle” comment was “one of the worst things” he’s ever heard in the experiment.

Jack goes on to say he was “ashamed” and that he’s “lost sleep” over the whole ordeal. UMMMM, wait let’s rewind!!!!

Before the Commitment Ceremony, Jack said that he “felt good” about the “muzzle” comment — so we all know he only said that because he was caught on camera!!! Icky, icky, icky.

Tori basically defended her reality TV boo after MAFS expert Mel said she has seen his attitude towards women and his relationship with the opposite sex.

With that being said, fans on X (formerly Twitter) did not have an inch of what the personal trainer had to say.

Why the fuck is Jack still here? As Rihanna once sang: “S.O.S please, someone help me. IT’S NOT HEALTHY.”

I know there’s more to that final lyric, but this is not healthy FR.

Oh, I forgot to mention. This couple — Tori and Jack — are staying in the experiment following that clusterfuck of a Commitment Ceremony.

Jack is not a red flag. He’s a whole-ass red alarm. Red planet. Red universe!!!

Fingers crossed Tori wakes up to what everyone can see, but judging by the spoilers, that might not be the case. 🙁