‘Absolutely Vile’: MAFS Fans React To Jack’s Conversation With Tori’s Bestie Lea

Every season, Married At First Sight (MAFS) fans find a contestant that they love to LOATHE. This year, viewers are completely done with Jack‘s BS. I think it’s time to give the boy the big ol’ BOOT!

ICYMI: the folks in the MAFS sphere are sick of Jack due to his shitty behaviour. To give you a quick rundown on why people have the shits with the personal trainer, a couple of episodes back, Jack told Jonathan to “muzzle” his wife Lauren during a heated argument at a dinner party.

In the following episode, MAFS expert John called out Jack and Jono for the fucked comment. The expert also took aim at the men in the experiment for failing to stand up to sexist and misogynistic behaviour.

As much as we would’ve liked to see the experts expel Jack and Tori — his reality TV wife who seems to be ride or die for her controversial MAFS boo — from the show, they unfortunately stayed.

That brings us to Monday’s episode, where the couples get to catch up with family and friends. Also, If you want to fully immerse yourself in the chaos of Lucinda‘s dad, we’ve got a hot episode recap just for you!

Although I found this episode to be quite b-b-b-borrrrringgg (no offence to Nine) I immediately woke up when Tori’s friend Lea came to visit.

For folks who missed out Tori and Jack’s wedding, Lea seemed to be the only person who saw through Jack’s BS.

As soon as Lea’s visit began, she laughed in a piece to camera after she saw Jack tear up over the hug she shared with Tori.

“I definitely think he knows the right things to say,” Lea said to the producers.

Punters reaaaallllly loved it when Lea called Jack “Jacob” — and honestly same. There was just something satisfying and shady about her using that name.

Right off the bat, Lea shaded Jacob (lol) by saying he looked like “a fuckboy” to his face. Hehe. Then she brought up the whole muzzle debacle.

Lea continued to say that the incident was “absolutely disgusting” in what is seemingly an interview with producers. She also said that Jack’s comment could have indicated that “at the root of his soul, he’s a misogynistic person”.

Truthfully, viewers (and myself) thought she was going to go hard on him, but unfortunately, that was not the case.

To give you a quick summary of how they talked — more like slightly touched on — the muzzle comment, Lea demanded that the pair “unpack” what happened at that dinner party.

Jack went on and on about blah blah, saying his relationship was getting attacked. But things reached mega bullshit mode when Jack said he’s defensive of “my territory”. ICKY.

Lea ultimately laughed in Jack’s face due to the absurdity of the fucked comment.

Jack said he ApOloGised for what he said to Lauren, but I don’t think Lea bought it. I mean, it was reminiscent of how he said he was “ashamed” by the comment at the Commitment Ceremony, but said he “felt good” about it earlier on.

The conversation moved on to Tori and Jack’s sex life, which some viewers believed was a question prompted by producers and not the bride’s bestie.

The controversial couple revealed that they still haven’t bumped uglies, with Jack claiming he came on MAFS for “compatibility” and “values”. Yeah, sure.

The uncomfortable meet and greet ended with Lea telling Tori that she’s “different”. In an interview with producers, Lea mentioned that her bestie-turned-reality-TV-bride was usually a “boss” and “on it” in real life.

Jack then triggered the ick alarm for the billionth time by telling Lea that Tori “submitted some of that control to the man”. OH NAUR.

As Aussie icon Kim Craig (neé Day) once said: “HELLO, REVOLTING!”

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I really hope Tori wakes up to see what we all see, but the spoilers aren’t looking too great.

Also those matching tattoos? No thanks.