MAFS Fans React To Jack’s Terrible Apology For His Body-Shaming Comment Towards Tristan

Married At First Sight‘s (MAFS) have been left gobsmacked over Jack‘s so-called apology following his fucked comment about Tristan and his body.

ICYMI: Fans are fuming over Jack’s inappropriate comment about Tristan’s body, where he referred to him as a “whale” during the couples retreat in Byron Bay.

Ever since then, Jack’s fellow MAFS participants and viewers have been waiting for the controversial groom to apologise for the fucked comment.

In the following episode — Wednesday night’s episode — Jack attempted to apologise to Tristan for his actions. However, his apology was quite questionable.

To give you a mini recap of the events leading up to Jack’s “apology”, Tristan opened up to his fellow MAFS grooms and brides about how the comment made him feel, noting how it put him back in a “dark place”. He went as far as to say that he was “emotionally fried” because of the Jack’s actions.

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Alongside Tristan’s recap of the whale comment, Lauren was very vocal about how disgusted she was with the controversial groom’s behaviour.

Same, girl, same. (Image source: Nine)

Jumping forward into the apology, in my opinion, Jack did a SHIT JOB.

He kicked off his attempted apology by talking about how HE felt about the comment HE made — saying that the apology “is for me” and that he had a “rough night” over the comment HE MADE. Yes, I am capitalising a bunch of words, but I am trying to emphasise that his apology gave me the “woe is me” vibes.

Instead of taking accountability for his actions, Jack doubled down and said the whale comment was just a “joke”, which did not sit well with the experts.

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Finally, Jack got to the apology which he paired with… a gift card to a supplement store. WHAT THE FUCK.

Even MAFS expert Alessandra was confused with the gift.

“Are you kidding me? A supplement package to help him not be a whale?” the expert loudly questioned, echoing the voices in my mind watching this scene.

Although the supplement package was a cooked, cursed, bonkers, fucked apology gift after he threw out a body-shaming comment, it was quickly overshadowed by another gift. A key chain that reads “you are enough”.

Unfortunately, Tristan was the only one who accepted Jack’s apology, but thankfully, the experts and Timothy — who was present during the apology — shared their disgust with the groom’s actions in their private confessionals.

After Tristan shared what Jack gave him at the dinner party, Lauren described the gift as a form of “hush money”. Bloody correct!

Here are some of the best reactions to Jack’s apology on Wednesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight

Another thing that truly pissed off Jack’s fellow participants and the MAFS experts is that Jack said he “wouldn’t have said [the whale comment] around Timothy”. So basically, he would’ve said it if he could get away with it.

Ugh. I’m shocked Jack hasn’t been given the boot since the muzzle comment.

Can’t wait until he fades into reality TV obscurity.