MAFS’ Tori Is Getting Dragged For Her Fked Comments About Cassandra In Tonight’s Ep

Holy smokes. A lot was going on in tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight (MAFS), but viewers had a MAJOR bone to pick with Tori and that random-ass moment she tried to come for Timothy AND Queen Cassandra. Someone speed-dial Lea ASAP.

After an explosive week of MAFS, it seems like the Season 11 cast has reached a new boiling point at tonight’s dinner party. Like, you would’ve thought that shit hit the fan last dinner party, but I think a whole portaloo fresh from Day Two of Splendour In The Grass was thrown into those Bunnings mega fans in this episode.

It was just a whole different kind of chaos tonight, and I truly recommend you check out the amazing recap Chantelle Schmidt has prepped for PEDESTRIAN.TV. Like, I applaud her for enduring that BS four days a week.

One of the biggest parts that truly pissed viewers — and myself — off was Tori’s unnecessary, painfully cringe and arguably problematic outburst at Timothy and Cassandra.

To give you a quick TL;DR on Tori’s talk shit moment, it all began after Timothy blew up at Jayden, which was a whole fucking moment in itself. There was yelling. Table smacking. Name-calling. All those things that make reality TV gold.

Anyways, Tori was mumbling a bunch of bollocks about Timothy, which he heard, so he wanted to know what she was talking about. Tori then told Timothy that what he said to Jayden was “disgusting”, which is quite rich when your reality TV husband is literally “muzzle comment” Jack.

In a confessional, Tori told producers she “could not stand by a man who displayed himself the way Timothy did today. No way.”

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HUUUUUUHHHHH???? Have you met your husband???

Tori went on to say that Tim looked “smug” and “accomplished” at the table, which for some reason was pissing her off.

The controversial bride then fired back at Tim, telling the groom, “If Jack sat down on the couch after a session with the experts and said ‘don’t speak to me’, my foot would go down his throat.”

But like a champ, Tim fired back mentioning Jack’s fucked comment.

“But you have no problem with Jack saying ‘muzzle your lady’?” Timothy asked.



While watching their interaction was cringe-worthy enough, it was her comments about Cassandra that really upset viewers (and me) across the nation.

Basically, Tori was rambling on about Timothy’s face, how he looked smug and his eyebrows. In his defence, Cassandra spoke up and said: “I pretty sure that’s Timothy’s face.”

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Tori, however, got extremely annoyed at Cassandra for some reason and decided to attack her off-camera to producers, claiming that she had no right to talk to her due to her place on a “food chain”. She also said Cassandra was “drinking the Timothy Kool-Aid” or has an “IV Drip for the Kool-Aid”.

“Don’t come for the top. I’m sorry. There’s a food fucking food chain here and you are not at the top,” Tori said in a confessional.

Tori truly kicked off when Cassandra paraphrased what she said about Timothy, which was just her comment about how “smug” he looked.

UMM?? Where was this anger when your husband told another husband to “muzzle” their wife? Also, in my opinion, the comments about Cassandra are quite problematic.

Since the episode aired, many MAFS fans have shared their brutal reactions to Tori’s outburst.

Here are some of the reactions to Married At First Sight‘s Tori and her behaviour in tonight’s episode

Tori, if you’re reading this, you know MAFS is something that’s broadcasted across the world, right?