A MAFS Source Says There Was Some Sneaky Editing During The Dinner Party That We All Missed

A production insider has spilled the beans on a sneaky MAFS editing trick that went down earlier this week involving Married At First Sight couple Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud.

In Wednesday night’s episode, we see the pair have a bit of a squabble prior to the dinner party and Eden says she feels anxious about the drama that might ensue.

Babe, pls don’t make me go…

But… I want everyone to see my outfit.

Later on in the ep, we see the couple arrive together at the dinner party and they got into another tiff when Eden told Jayden she wanted to get the hell out of there.

But according to the insider, this argument and eventual walk-out occurred before the drama kicked off at the dinner party, not after, and the editors used a sneaky trick to make it appear like the couple were present for the entire evening.

“Eden and Jayden left the dinner table as soon as they finished eating so they completely missed out on all the drama with the other couples,” the source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“When Eden sat down with Jayden to talk about her fear of getting stuck in another argument with him, that happened very early on in the night rather than at the end.

“Producers dragged out the storyline and ensured not to include any wide shots of the dinner table while the other drama unfolded. Eden and Jayden were long gone by that point.”

Apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve done it this season, either. According to the insider, a similar sneaky trick was used during the retreat when Eden told Jayden about Sara’s secret meet-up with her ex.

In the episodes, we’re made to believe that convo took place on the first day, when it was actually “dragged out for suspense” and aired on the final day of the retreat.

Sneaky, sneaky!

There have been a heap of editing fails this season on MAFS which we have documented with a story dedicated to each and every one.

Not that I’d class this Jayden and Eden incident as an editing fail — that’s more like editing trickery, IMO.