MAFS Fans Think They’ve Figured Out Where Jack Bought The Gold Bracelet He Gave Tori & Yikes If True

Uh, so it looks like we shouldn’t be giving MAFS groom Jack Dunkley too many props for gifting his Married At First Sight missus Tori Adams a lovely gold bracelet.

In Tuesday night’s episode, Jack and Tori were having a lovey-dovey dinner together when he unveiled the sweet surprise.

“I have something for you, just a little bit of something-something. What do you think? There’s two diamonds on it and there’s a T-initial for Tori,” Jack told her in the ep (in case ya missed it, catch our recap!).

MAFS groom Jack gives Tori a gold bracelet

The bracelet in question. (Credit: MAFS)

But it turns out we shouldn’t actually be praising the guy as a king and here’s why.

It took absolutely no time at all for eagle-eyed fans to jump on social media and figure out that the gold bracelet appears to be costume jewellery from shonky online retailer Temu that costs a measly $3.18.

Daily Mail Australia shared a screenshot of what appears to be the exact same bracelet on Temu.

Yikes… may as well have ordered something off Shein to give her the bonus vial of blood and can of beans as a free gift with purchase.

Look, we don’t know for sure that the bracelet was from Temu. The one they’ve found could have been a cheap knock-off of a nicer bracelet, which is what Jack bought for Tori.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping, for Tori’s sake.

Suss bracelet aside, it looks like these two are trucking along nicely.

They have an active sex life, which is well documented on the show. After one of their boning sessions, Tori told producers: “It was great!”

“It worked, she liked it,” Jack added.

“The man’s always the star of the show, let’s be honest.” Lord help us all.

Meanwhile, this Sunday will be the last Commitment Ceremony and there’s a new MAFS cheating scandal that’ll come out of it. The going theory is that it involves Jono but we’ll just have to wait and see.