MAFS’ Jack & Tori Dish On The ‘Just Fake It’ Comment, *That* Bracelet & No Friends Allegations

They’ve been one of the most talked about couples on Married At First Sight this season, sparking rumours, controversy and many, many questions. But now that we’ve seen their final vows, MAFS‘ Jack and Tori are here to set the record straight. In a chat with PEDESTRIAN.TV, the happy couple revealed the answers to the questions we’ve all been wondering — where did Jack buy that bracelet? Does he have no friends? And what did Tori mean when she said “just fake it” at the final dinner party?

Let’s find out, shall we?

“Just fake it”

During the final dinner party for Season 11, each couple had to answer questions from the dreaded honesty box. Jack and Tori were faced with queries about their sex life, romantic connection and the trust between them.

The last question thrown Jack’s way was whether he could see himself falling in love with Tori. At the time, he was flummoxed and gave a kind of half-assed answer. In support of her on-screen hubby, Tori went to give him a smooch.

While you can only just faintly hear Tori speak, Channel Nine has added subtitles on her behalf which say, “Just fake it”. This statement caused a bit of a ruckus online.

It turns out, Tori is just as confused as we are. However, she has some theories.

“If I did say ‘just fake it’, I had red lipstick on,” she explained.

“No one at that table was gonna tell me if I had red lipstick smeared all over my face. So if I did say ‘just fake it’, that probably would have been the reason.”

Although she admits when she watched it back, it didn’t really seem like something she genuinely said.

“When I watch it back, I don’t actually think I say just fake it. I think I say ‘just a quick one’ or ‘just quickly’,” she said.

“We never faked affection or anything like that. So if the words were ‘just fake it’ it would have been because I had a red lip on and that’s a disaster waiting to happen.”

I bet these two are happy they’ll never have to go to a MAFS dinner party again. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

Also, for the record, Jack says that he is pretty smitten with Tori these days… just not in love just yet.

“Part of my backstory was the fact that I never told a woman in my life that I’ve loved her apart from my dad and my mother,” he said.

“Tori has moved in with me. We’ve lived together for maybe three to four weeks now and we’re very happy. I’m very much falling in love with her and we’re creating a very nice lifestyle together.

“Our lives are very in sync and we’re living very humbly, happily and I can definitely see love on the cards in the future.”

The no-friends allegations

Ever since we saw Jack and Tori’s on-screen wedding during the second episode of MAFS 2024, fans have been wondering where on earth are Jack’s actual friends — or if he actually has any. You see, during their wedding and the annual homestays, all of the people in Jack’s life were introduced as his clients from the gym. But Jack promises that he really isn’t Jackie no friends.

“Hand on my heart, my two best men at my wedding, I did meet them at the gym,” he said.

“But you’ve got to remember, I’ve lived on the Gold Coast for ten years. I don’t live a party-boy lifestyle anymore so I’m not that social. We don’t get out that much. I mean, I’m at that gym 50 to 60 hours a week. When I do host a party or get invited to events, it’s genuinely through the people I have met at work and have built a beautiful network of family and friends, I consider those guys my family and friends.

“It just so happens I’ve networked with those people at the gym but I still do have a bunch of really good mates who are just in Victoria.”

The celebrant, Tori, Jack and all of his clients!!!! (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

Jack said that Tori has met all of his Melbs-based pals, but the reason that he didn’t invite them to his wedding was he wanted his appearance on MAFS to be a fun lil’ surprise for his mates back in Victoria.

“The reason I didn’t give them a call to come to Sydney for the wedding is that they’re life-long mates that I only chat to maybe four or five times a year. I wanted the people that I live my life around now, who have been supporting me through the whole three-month process of getting on the show, to be a part of it so we could talk about it, and experience it together.

“And I wanted the shock factor to hit my mates back home watching it on TV.”

The bracelet

In Episode 30, Jack gifted Tori a lovely gold bracelet. While she seemed absolutely stoked by the dainty little bracelet —which featured two diamonds and a ‘T’ for Tori charm — fans of the show seemingly tracked down where Jack found the jewellery, claiming that he purchased it off the cheap website Temu.

The bracelet that started it all. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

However, Jack assures us that he did not — I repeat — did NOT purchase the gift from Temu.

“I can confirm it didn’t come from Temu,” Jack chuckled.

“It was quite an expensive little bracelet from a jeweller. It does have two diamonds on it and a lovely little ‘T’ initial but no I definitely didn’t get that online.

“We bought that on the Gold Coast during homestays from a nice jeweller.”

Well, there you go. But then again, that is also something that someone who did buy their missus something from Temu would say…

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