MAFS’ Jack & Tori Spill On The Drama Clusterfuck That Goes Down At The Long-Awaited Reunion

Married At First Sight is almost at the end of its run for the year. Now that we’ve witnessed the final vows, we only have one crucial element left before we can move on and reclaim our evenings four nights a week — the highly anticipated MAFS reunion. The best bit? According to Jack and Tori, we’re in for a doozy.

You see, the reunion is the episode where all the brides and grooms return and reflect on their batshit/bonkers/blissful experience on the show. More often than not, it’s the most drama-filled episode of the entire season and for that reason, we’ve been waiting for it with bated breath since episode one. But after a quick chat with one of the most controversial couples of the season — who, spoiler alert, are still together — I’m filled with more anticipation than an 18-year-old virgin at their very first house party without parents.

To be fair, I would take any opportunity to listen to Lucinda Light. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

After Channel Nine released the trailer for the episode after the final vows, Jack and Tori said they were surprised that the biggest moment of the night was already given away in the trailer — the big reveal that Jono and Ellie had done their own post-show couple swap.

While we already knew that due to their multiple and most likely staged paparazzi photoshoots, this wasn’t common knowledge among the whole MAFS cast.

“They did leak a little bit in the promo which I was surprised by — Jono and Ellie come in together as a couple,” Jack explained.

“I think I can confirm that they’re living a happy little life together now. I think they’re on the down-low and they’re a little bit like us in that they’re not too fussed about the noise of the media. They’re focusing internally on their relationship nd having a good time together but you’ll see that at the reunion.”

Tori thought it was lovely to see them in such a good spot emotionally.

“You can see how happy they are too like Jono is a bit more upbeat,” Tori said.

“He’s probably got that personality trait that Lauren was looking for and Ellie brought that out in him so it was nice to see him happy.”

If you ask me, any happy couple out of this show is a win. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

But that’s not the only bit of tea from the reunion.

Jack says that we can expect a huge blow-up between Tim and Sara — and it’s all because of Jono.

“They have a pretty explosive interaction at the dinner party and you’ll see it unfold,” he said.

“Jono, unfortunately, throws Tim under the bus and that sparks a fight between him and Sara.”

Jack explained that the conflict was because Tim still had unresolved feelings and trust issues after committing to Sara during the final vow ceremony.

“Tim was confused after the final vows. He was still questioning the trust he had for Sara. I was good mates with Tim so I had private conversations with him over the phone, as did Jono.

“Jono told the group about that private conversation to the group. He relayed the information about the questions and concerns that Tim had about Sara and told everyone at the dinner party, which I thought was a bit of a low blow, and that’s what sparked the fight between Tim and Sara.”


He says it was so bad that it led to Sara storming off in tears, and Tim confronting Jono.

“Tim gets up in a huffy and looks at Jono and says ‘Jono, man, what the eff?’” Jack dishes.

I think this pic kinda summarises how Jack and Tori felt about the reunion. (Image: Married At First Sight / Nine)

As for Tori? Well, she promised that she stayed out of the drama this time around.

“I was so over it. I just sat at the end of the table and watched everything else kind of burn.”

Yikes!!!! But in the best ~this is going to be great for television~ kinda way!

You can catch the MAFS reunion on Sunday, April 7 on Nine or 9Now.