‘You Fucking Liar’: MAFS’ Timothy Spills On A Phone Call He Got From Jack’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Jack Dunkley and Tori Adamsrelationship legitimacy has been questioned throughout this season of Married At First Sight 2024 and now Timothy Smith, Lauren Dunn and Sara Mesa (our MAFS Charlie’s Angels) have hinted that we could all be onto something.

At last night’s annual MAFS x Nova Dinner Party with Kate, Fitzy & Wippa, Timothy revealed that he received a phone call from Jack’s ex-girlfriend which helped clarify a bunch of things about 2024’s most controversial groom for him.

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“I did get a phone call from Jack’s ex which actually answered a lot of questions, which made the show make complete sense,” Timothy said. “You fucking liar.”

Fitzy pushed for some clarification, asking if Timothy was suggesting that Jack and his ex-girlfriend are still together.

“Watch the show but he’s full of shit,” Timothy dodged. “Head to toe.”

“What’s Jack doing?” Kate pressed.

“He’s doing everybody,” Timothy replied.

Um, burn.

Lauren then jumped in and confirmed that this situation with the ex happened during MAFS, with Sara adding, “When Jack gave Tori the bracelet” during Home Stays.

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However, they also said we won’t see anything come out on the actual show, so don’t expect to see any of this at the MAFS Reunion or finale.

Deary me!

Lauren then recalled coming out of the lifts, presumably at Skye Suites, and seeing Jack up to something that felt off to her.

“I remember Jack was sitting on the chair and he was having a conversation — it was deep conversation — and he looked at me and he looked really uncomfortable,” Lauren relayed.

“My gut just said, I bet he’s on the phone to this girl, I just knew,” she added.

Courtney?” Timothy asked.

“Yep” Lauren replied, before backtracking and saying that she’s not “saying her name” because she doesn’t need a “goddamn lawsuit”.

“She confirmed that, so that’s all I have to say,” Lauren finished.

Courtney Jade has been revealed to be Jack’s ex-girlfriend after being vocal with her frustrations around Jack on Instagram.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Courtney Jade also left a comment under an Instagram post from The Wash where she claimed that Jack lied to her before they split and also accused Jack of dumping her for the show.

“Breaks up with me right after I met his family and he told me he loves me. Tells me it’s for [a] ‘work opportunity in America’ only to find out he’s on MAFS in Sydney,” she wrote.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Jack was granted a temporary protection order against Courtney.

It’s all very messy, and I’ve never been more excited for MAFS final vows. Things might be ugly between Courtney and Jack right now, but was that the case during filming and soon after?

Charlie’s Angels, love your work.

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