Here Are All The Bonkers Bombshells That We Learned From Nova’s MAFS Dinner Party Last Night


We all know that shit goes down at Married At First Sight 2023 dinner parties. But nothing prepared us for this, my friends. Last night, Nova hosted their very own MAFS dinner party with members of the cast along with a bunch of journos and media. The night was MC’d by Nova hosts Fitzy, Wippa and Kate.

During the evening, the cast had to answer a round of mystery box questions which turned out to be full of spicy gems of info. Thankfully, our very own MAFS mummy, Chantelle Schmidt, went along and boy did she come back to the office with some piping hot tea.

Who attended the dinner party? 

Out of the 20 singles that appeared on the show, only half were in attendance last night.

There was Layton Mills and Melinda Willis, who appeared to be still together and thriving.
Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton were also there to remind us that love really does exist.

The other (single?!?!) attendees were Duncan James, Janelle Han, Claire Normarhas, Evelyn Ellis, Sandy Jawanda, and Harrison Boon also decided to pop in for a bev and a chat.

Alyssa Barmonde wasn’t in attendance as she was probably with her child. In case you missed it, she has a child.

(Photo supplied by Nova Entertainment)

Okay now that we’ve established WHO was there, lets get to all the spicy goss. Now there are absolute spoilers in here so you have been warned.

Loose-lipped Duncan revealed his relationship status

For everyone thirsting after daddy Duncan, I’ve got some great news for you. During one of the honesty box questions, the handsome new reality star was questioned about his next career move. Incidentally, his answer revealed a big old spoiler: He’s single.

“Would you actually be up for doing The Bachelor?” Wippa asked him.

“Nah, I’m just a young man looking for love,” he replied as the audience went ‘awwww’.

Then Fitzy pressed for an answer again, asking: “Would you consider it?”

“No one watches The Bachelor,” Duncan replied.

Well if that’s not a pretty obvious indication that he’s single now, we don’t know what is.

Well ladies (and men), once the show is over, I’m sure he’d love you you all to inundate him with thirsty messages. Just kidding, please don’t do that ya hornbags.

Janelle low-key shaded Claire when talking about the Adam/Claire cheating scandal

During the NOVA dinner party last night, Kate Ritchie asked Janelle about whether she expected Claire to be the girl that Adam cheated with. Janelle then said no, and she was actually surprised.

“Okay, I’m actually glad you’re letting me share about this because I did not predict it at all,” Janelle replied.

“Especially because during the photo ranking challenge, Claire was put towards the end. And her his typical type he described to me was more like a Bronte or Melinda or Caitlin, you know, like really, like beautiful, always polished looking.”

Eek, I know that Claire hasn’t been the nicest bride — but it seems pretty rough to imply she’s not beautiful or polished looking.

Janelle continued: “And he also wanted someone with a big bum. I mean, Claire has a big bum. So I was thinking if he was gonna cheat on me, it’d be someone at the front of the photo challenge, I wasn’t expecting it at all.”

Sandy reckons someone from The Project slid into her DMs (and please for the love of god don’t be my sweet prince Peter Hellier)

Kate, Fitzy and Wippa asked Sandy if any celebs or past MAFS contestants had slid into her DMs post-show and she said YES.

Sandy was coy at first, not wanting to reveal too much about who the celebrity was, but eventually folded and said: “Just think 7pm Project”.

“Oh Tommy Little. Tommy’s a lovely guy,” Wippa replied.

Ooooh Tommy Little, that is gosss.

The MAFS attendees discussed the infamous butt dial

Finally, Fitzy and Wippa asked the big question about what actually happened on the night that Rupert accidentally butt dialled Evelyn.

WIPPA: Do you have any proof on your phone that the butt dial actually happened?

HARRISON: Of all of the things that have never happened, this never happened the most.

EVELYN: Harrison… look at moi.

Then Ollie revealed he had proof the butt dial happened, as he provided screenshots of Rupert’s messages.

OLLIE: So Rupert screenshotted me with timestamps, you see that there.

FITZY: (reading out the messages) ‘You just prank called me and I heard Hugo going off about Taylor saying he wanted a hot wife. And she told him she was going to select leave’. Oh, that’s juicy.

OLLIE:  So what I think actually happened is I think 50% of the butt dial happened. But that there is the smoking gun (pointing to his phone).

Hm interesting.

The final vow ceremonies will take place over two huge nights, wrapping up on Monday March 27. You can watch these juicy eps on Channel 9 and 9Now.