MAFS’ Jade Confirms Rumour Which Could Reveal Her Current Relationship Status With Ridge

Smack that spoiler button ‘cos Married At First Sight‘s (MAFS) Jade has shared a massive piece of information that may have given away her current relationship status with Ridge.

I’m just gonna say it: Jade and Ridge are definitely one of those couples who make it beyond the show. Look, I know it’s too early to tell because Final Vows and the Reunion have yet to happen, however, something in my gut tells me that these two cutie pies are going strong.

Well, I reckon it’s time I listen to that gut instinct more because the Season 11 intruder has spilled some scalding tea that suggests that she and her MAFS hubby are still going strong.

During Nova’s Fitzy, Wippa and Kate Richie Married At First Sight Dinner Party, the reality TV bride confirmed that Ridge got her name tattooed on his back during a cheeky Bali trip. The spicy revelation was shared after Jade was asked if she could “see a future” with her assigned husband.

“In Bali, Ridge got my name tattooed on him,” she revealed to a crowd of “ooo’s” and “aaaah’s”.

“If Ridge messes up, jokes on him because my name is on there.”

Fitzy then pressured Ridge to show off the tatt, and immediately, the bloke took off his shirt to show Jade’s name on his shoulder with a giant lion backpiece.

Naturally, someone started chanting “a-weema-weh a-weema-weh a-weema-weh” when Ridge showed off his tatt.

Rumours of a permanent declaration of love — AKA the tattoo — from these two surfaced earlier on in Season 11.

In February a photo surfaced on r/MAFS_AU that showed what seemed to be Ridge’s back with Jade’s name on a bird’s belly.

The Redditor, u/Aggressive_Judgment5, claimed that the photo came from Jade’s old Instagram account before it was deleted.

“Jade temporary Insta account just posted on their [sic] story it’s [definitely Ridge] if you compare tattoo [sic] from his older posts love this for them,” the Redditor wrote.

For Jade & Ridge Fans
byu/Aggressive_Judgment5 inMAFS_AU

This is the first time that the pair have acknowledged the tattoo publicly, so I guess they were one of the lucky couples to find love via MAFS.

And you know what? I am in love with their love story. They’ve actually become one of my favourite couples in MAFS history!!! They’re just so darn cute.

For those who have not kept up with MAFS, Ridge and Jade entered the experiment as intruders. The pair initially faced a lot of issues stemming from Ridge’s immaturity, as well as his obsession with the word “dece” or “deece” or whatever. However, most of the time, the pair were very smooth sailing in their relationship.

Outside of the experiment, there were rumours of infidelity surrounding Ridge and an ex-girlfriend. When the rumours first surfaced, Ridge reportedly shut them down in a private Facebook group in March, per So Dramatic!

“We’ve had our ups and downs like in any relationship, but I’d never disrespect the future mother of my kids like that,” he wrote.

Later on, Jade confirmed the cheating rumours to be true “to a certain point”.

“Ridge is such a nice person like, he’s so caring to everyone so sometimes he can do the wrong thing and message exes without realising that it would upset me,” Jade revealed to The Pulse with Seany B and Emma G.

“I think the line is very blurred with it. For me, I feel like it was a line that was crossed that I wasn’t happy with, just because I didn’t know about the interaction… It’s so different if he told me about it.

“In the physical (cheating) sense like, no.”

It seems like the pair have pushed passed all of the BS — the rumours and Ridge’s obsession with that horrid word — because that PERMANENT tattoo is evidence that their relationship is continuing. Well, in my eyes it’s proof.

I feel like if they had a breakup, Ridge would be too embarrassed to show it or at least make a smart joke about how he regrets it.

Regardless, I still think this couple is sooo stinkin’ cute and I hope they make it beyond the show!

Image source: Nine / MAFS and Chantelle Schmidt