MAFS Fans Are Dragging The New Groom Ridge For Shouting ‘Dece’ 300 Times Every Minute

In the latest episode of the reality TV show mess that is Married At First Sight 2024, fans were introduced to the newest couple Ridge and Jade. They were also introduced to a word I pray is removed from the dictionary ASAP: “Dece”. Dece is not a word used by decent people, and the good citizens of X (formerly Twitter) were even less impressed by the new vocab.

If you want a recap of the entire episode, or the entire season so far, then you NEED to read the incredible wraps Chantelle Schmidt has been putting together.

She gives you the type of hard-core psychological analysis of MAFS that the contestants wouldn’t even be able to read.

But if you need a recap of the entire episode in just one Tweet, it’s right here:

The newest couple are undoubtedly an odd combination. One half of the couple shared a tragic backstory that won fans over, and the other half… was Ridge.

Jade shared a tragic backstory about being a single mother who was cheated on shortly after giving birth. She’s now looking for a serious relationship with a mature individual.

On the other hand, Ridge merely wants settle down and stop being single.

Immediately, fans couldn’t help but pick up on some interesting character traits Ridge had.

Some viewers were absolutely gutted by Jade’s heartbreaking backstory.

However others thought it less “tragic” and more “producer magic”.

Now getting married is something you usually do with someone you know quite well, so that all their quirks and intricacies are things you are sure you love, not loathe.

On Married At First Sight, Jade did not have this luxury. Which meant she might’ve been blindsided by Ridge’s friend’s “banter” and terminology.

One of the pieces of slang used by Ridge and his friends was a word they used every single sentence: “Dece”.

And online not a single MAFS fan, at all, was impressed by “dece” being shouted a 9000 times a minute.

I will admit, I have no idea how to spell “dece”. And I don’t care to learn.

Prior to the couple of strangers being hitched, MAFS showed packages of what each member of the soon-to-be-newlyweds were looking for in the relationship. And Jade did NOT want a cocky guy.

So naturally, the producers gave her Ridge. Who said he was “not cocky, just confident.” Some fans disagreed with this.

Then when the newlyweds met, and fans heard Ridge’s first reaction.. the pile-on against Ridge began.

(Yes. Yes he did.)

As Ridge delivered his vows, he treated it more as an opprtunity to do a shit-house stand-up routine.

Which ended with his “boiz” giving him a supportive “DECE” to conclude. Ick, ick, ick.

But it’s safe to say, there was one thorough lesson that viewers took away from Episode 15 of MAFS 2024.

Genuinely, I think if I had a shot every time I heard the word “dece” this episode, I would be dead.

And I’m not talking about alcohol. I mean water.

Ridge and his lads said “dece” that many times, I think I would drown.

And you know what, I think I’d rather that have happened instead of been exposed to this.

Alas, I am still here. And as surely as I will wake up tomorrow, MAFS will air tomorrow night and we will all be exposed to the word “dece” again.

Here’s to hoping, praying, begging that Jade puts an end to “dece” immediately.

Stay tuned for more MAFS updates.