MAFS Intruders: Meet All Five Of The Latecomers Ready To  Mess Shit Up In Season 11

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A batch of Married At First Sight intruders have started shaking up a season that most definitely did not need any further shaking.

Here is everything we know about the five new MAFS cast members we can expect.

Five? Yes! Remember how MAFS 2024 groom Simon Flocco quit before his wedding? A replacement was needed and we’ve now met the beautiful soul.

Who are the MAFS 2024 Intruders for Season 11?

Jade, 26

mafs intruder jade
Image Source: Nine.

Jade is an executive assistant and single mum to an eight-year-old daughter. Hailing from South Africa and living in Queensland, Jade admits she can come off as reserved and cold at first and that her walls are up after being cheated on (like everyone else on MAFS Season 11).

She’s after an honest dude who can keep up with her wild side and wants a love that she sees in the movies.

She’s also not scared to say what she thinks and will make people accountable for their actions. Perhaps she can go all Evelyn Ellis on someone’s ass. Maybe Jack? Or Timothy? Whoever’s still around, I guess!

Madeleine, 30

mafs madeleine intruder
Image Source: Nine.

Madeleine is a psychic medium and I am very excited to see what shit she predicts or decides to withhold in this MAFS experiment. We’re told she’s “intense”, energetic and charismatic (which was only confirmed when we met her in Episode 14) and that she’s had a life-altering experience at ayahuasca that connected her to the spiritual world.

Strap yourselves in. She’s also another MAFS actor, and after it was revealed Collins Christian was in an Ashley & Martin ad, I’m truly not shocked.

Madeleine has starred in a variety of shows including Home and AwayUpper Middle Bogan and Offspring and I hate to say it, but this feels a little like a fall from grace.

Anyway this MAFS intruder’s come out a nine-year relationship, so fingers crossed she doesn’t waste another decade. Considering she’s paired with Ash (more on him below), I think she could be in for a nice, smooth ride.

Ridge, 27

mafs intruder ridge
Image Source: Nine

OK Ridge sounds so interesting — he is a two-time Commonwealth Games weightlifter and a Psychiatric Nurse who has a playboy persona. Like most other MAFS particpants, he looks up to his parents relationship despite never having been ready for a serious relationship until now.

He can be loud, vain and cocky and if that’s information he’s passed onto Nine, then fuck, I think we’re about to get some entertainment that may also piss us off. Don’t believe me? He also said he’s drawn to women with “tidy rigs”, whatever the fuck that means.

Ash, 33

mafs intruder ash
Image Source: Nine

MAFS intruder Ash reckons he is often misjudged because of his tattoos and he has not been in love in over eight years. He’s ready to start a family, though! He’s a sales manager so he will no doubt be smooth.

Sounds like he has a habit for choosing women who live overseas, and once even moved to Norway for a woman, so perhaps he and Ben will have a thing or two to discuss.

He’s tired of women who walk all over him. The MAFS experts have paired him with medium Madeleine.

Stephen, 26

Image Source: Nine

If you thought we already had enough male manes in the MAFS Season 11 mix then you were very wrong because Stephen has come to save MAFS groom Michael‘s day (and potential influencer career).

Stephen is a hairdresser who wants a partner who likes to be challenged. He’s one of eight children! And a twin! I bet he has no issues with social interaction after having seven siblings who were blood-bound to be his mate.

He wants a serious, monogamous relationship but reckons the dating pool in Perth is too small.

Who have MAFS intruders included in the past?

Last season we had Evelyn Duncan who was quickly given the label of the show’s “hottest bride”. She also schooled the show’s douche-monkeys like Harrison Boon and Dan Hunjas. She was fake married to Rupert Bugden but has begun a relationship with the same season’s Duncan Simpson after cameras stopped rolling.

Can you imagine being this good looking? Of course you can, ya gorgeous son of a gun. (Image Credit: Instagram / Evelyn Ellis @evelyn.ellis)

In MAFS Season Nine, Carolina Schimidt and Daniel Holmes also caused outrage when they decided to give their relationship a try, despite being fake-married to two other MAFS intruders.

Have any MAFS intruders been successful?

Yes! MAFS 2020 intruders Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente are now married with a baby on the way. They are literally one of five successful couples from MAFS Australia, which makes us hold hope for every MAFS intruder that walks in (and for Duncan and Ev, of course).

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer who dribbles more MAFS shit on Instagram.