MAFS’ Jack Dunkley Is Giving MySpace ’08 In These Side-Fringe Pics & I’m AcTuAlLy ObSeSsEd

While we all go through our awkward phase, not all of us end up on Married At First Sight — like Jack Dunkley — where photos from that time will come back to bite us in the ass.

After doing some very ~serious~ investigation work to find out who from MAFS Season 11 is a either a) a clout-chaser b) keen on an influencer life or c) wants to kick off an acting career, we stumbled upon Jack’s StarNow page.

It’s GIVINGGG but in a completely different way to the way Tori’s bestie, Lea, was using the term during MAFS Episode Two.

jack dunkley mafs
Wonder what his Top 8 looked like. (Image: StarNow)

It’s giving MySpace ’07.

It’s giving MSN Messenger webcam from eBay.

It’s giving Tumblr boy aesthetic.

It’s giving one of 100% That Tim‘s emo personalities.

I’m fucking here for it and may have even bumped into her at a Something Corporate concert.

On his way to see Fall Out Boy, no doubt. (Image: StarNow)

And look, given Tori — Jack’s MAFS wife — and her mum were so enamoured by Jack’s teeth on his MAFS wedding day, I would like to point out that they’ve definitely changed since these photos were taken.

I don’t say this to be an asshole because I think it was quite obvious that he had dental work done to perfect his stunning smile — and that any cosmetic work is fabulous if it makes you feel fabulous as a result — but because I want to keep our own beauty expectations of ourselves realistic.

Can you tell I hate my teeth? Moving on.

Did he work a chairlift at Thredbo? (Image: StarNow)

If you’re thinking, ‘This can’t be Jack! No way!’, I would like to politely point out his cost-per-wear ratio on the rainbow headband he is wearing in this shot.

He was wearing it in photos with his ex-girlfriend which are far more recent and far more man bunny.

jack dunkley mafs
Vintage! So adorable. (Image: Instagram/StarNow).

Anyway I love all of this and it’s a crying shame none of us can access our MySpace profiles to find our own versions of these photos. What a time to be alive.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can read her MAFS 2024 recaps and follow her on Instagram.