Why Jack From MAFS’ Teeth Look The Way They Do

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From the first time Married At First Sight‘s Jack Dunkley flashed his grin on Season 11, his blindingly white teeth have been a subject of conversation. And now we have insight into why Jack‘s teeth look the way they do.

On MAFS 2024 Episode 2, Tori Adams‘ mum was practically randy for Jack after noticing his teeth, discussing his grin with Tori while she was literally at the altar about to get married to the bloke. It was a box ticked on Tori’s husband’s checklist.

jack mafs dunkley
Tori and Jack meeting each other for the first time. (Image: Nine)

“She complimented my teeth, so I’m going to assume she thinks I’m attractive,” Jack said on the wedding day.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify that these teeth are likely not the ones Jack was born with, but it does take a dentist to identify what exactly has been done to give Jack this smile.

Image: Nine.

Doctor Sam Koh, a cosmetic dentist in Melbourne believes that Jack has had six porcelain veneers but still has his natural teeth behind that.

“When he does big smiles it’s even more obvious,” Koh explains of Jack’s natural teeth via TikTok. “But when he rests his lips you can’t really see the natural teeth.”

Koh said he can’t confirm whether or not Jack’s bottom teeth have also had cosmetic work done because he usually smiles with his top teeth, but he did note they also look quite “bright”.

Does Koh think the veneers are good? Well, he thinks they could be better, that’s for sure.

Image: Nine

“In my opinion, it would be nice to see Jack do a few more veneers on either side,” Koh explains. Good thing dental cosmetic deals are all the rage post-MAFS, alongside Hello Fresh partnerships and OnlyFans.

So why does Jack’s smile look the way that it does?

Well, the teeth that he’s had done don’t go all the way back to where his smile extends to, making it look like there are gaps in the corner of his lips.

“The veneers are also a bit too long as they tuck under his lower lip,” Koh explained.

“The length also seems to affect how he talks and smiles too.”

I mean, the jig was kind of up when we saw Jack’s StarNow photos, but it’s good to understand where things went right or wrong at the dentist.

Feel free to bookmark this article for your next holiday to Turkey. Either way, they’re still far better than what my parents gave me.

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