The Reason Behind MAFS Villain Jack’s Moustache Is So Petty & Therefore Very On-Brand For Him

Jack Dunkley‘s moustache has been a topic of conversation on Married At First Sight 2024, not unlike his teeth, StarNow photos or general behaviour during Season 11.

I lie awake at night thinking about all of the Jack-related questions that need to be answered before I forget he ever graced my television screen (which will be approximately four months from now, if he doesn’t start a podcast).

jack moustache mafs
What is this upper-lip slug? Image: Nine.

Jack’s moustache is one thing that not only keeps me up at night but gives me nightmare sweats when I’m asleep, too. I’m definitely not the only one perplexed by it.

Selina Chhaur from MAFS Season Nine — who was a hairdresser for 17 years — posted a TikTok in February demanding answers about Jack’s moustache. It’s had over 1.2 million views.

“I don’t remember ever shaving from the nose down to the lip,” she explained when referring to Jack’s moustache, which appears to be absent just under his nose.

Someone in PEDESTRIAN.TV’s comment section had an interesting theory:

mafs jack dunkley moustache
I mean…. Image: Facebook.

Anyway, because I take my job as a journalist very seriously, I have reached out to a barber from Duke On Queen Street for more definitive answers.

Mitchell Crocker has been a barber for eight years and told PEDESTRIAN.TV, “I’m just as shocked as you all are.”

If he had to try and find a reason for Jack’s moustache being the way it is, Mitchell said it could be “a modern twist of a pencil moustache”.

People need answers. Image: Reddit

Mitchell has never had a customer ask him for a moustache shaved down to Jack’s extent, however, he has been asked to do similar ones.

Sadly, Mitchell believes that Jack actually intended for his moustache to look like that.

“The trends these days are becoming increasingly out there. I think this is because everyone is trying to be different, an individual.”

mafs jack moustache
He is unique!! Image: Nine.

That being said, Mitchell hopes that people don’t watch Jack on MAFS and want the same look.

“I hope it doesn’t become a trend. I’m not the biggest fan of how it looks,” Mitchell explained.

“I think Jack would suit keeping a moustache more full.”

Interestingly, it appears Jack is one step ahead there, after his friend-client Jasmine posted a video following Jack’s brow appointment with her.

“I’m really glad you’ve grown in the moustache,” Jasmine, who was at Jack’s weddings and home stay, told him in the TikTok video.

“It was getting a lot of chat, all my clients have been asking me.”

Jack explained that his moustache was the result of an ex-girlfriend.

“It used to annoy someone I used to date, and I just kept growing it like that,” Jack told Jasmine. “I think I’m ready to grow it out though, for real.”

“It might’ve been Australia that’s maybe got me over the line with that.”

Interesting, especially considering Mitchell also told me that Jack’s moustache, “would require a lot of at-home maintenance and care to keep it in shape.” That’s a lot of effort to piss someone off!

There you have it, folks:

  • Jack’s moustache was meant to look like that.
  • He did it to be petty.
  • Jack’s moustache no longer looks like that.
  • I will sleep tonight.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her here.