MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 19: Ellie Kicks Ben Out For Whinging About Her Makeup, Age & The GC

Family and Friends Week continues for the MAFS 2024 recap of Episode 19 and you know what? I’m actually excited to see Tim‘s best man and what other tricks he has up his mullet.

Tim, however, is worried about seeing old mate Ben as he believes him to be an “acquired taste” — and, let me tell you, Tim knows a few things about flavours after eating four-day-old rancid chicken.

Sara tells Ben and her friend, Cherise, that she and Tim are doing well “at the moment”.

“Are you sure? Tim said he was counting the days,” Ben laughs.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 19
o fuck

We’re not reliving the comment where Tim told Sara to relax during their MAFS honeymoon, which was a dumb thing to do because now Ben is taking every opportunity to tell Sara to relax.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 19
I hate u

Sara thinks that Ben should take this opportunity to meet his friend’s fake TV lover properly more seriously.

Meanwhile, Lucinda is curious to know what tips her father had for Timothy.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 19
lololol he asked me to root u

“He just wanted me to make more of an effort,” Timothy laughs, clearly restraining himself from telling her that her dad suggested he fuck her.

Instead he promises Lucinda that he’ll be “less pissy” which is good news for their relationship and their toilet seat.

Our MAFS intruder couples continue to exist and play catch-up. Considering Madeleine and Ash have already left (lol), I choose to call Stephen and Michael intruders as well because, as Regina George would say, it’s still half-true.

Ridge passes the ranking task with flying colours, reassuring Jade that he’s only got eyes for her.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 19
Well done for watching 10 seasons of this show and understanding the rules

Stephen is confessing to Michael that the reason he is so guarded is because his dad — who he no longer has a relationship with — cheated on his mum when he was a child.

Hugs for Stephen xoxoxo

In other news, Sara and Tim have fucked again which has helped put their day on track.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 19
Don’t forget ya lube!

Speaking of sexy, Lucinda and Timothy are living together again and Timothy tells her he has her “pegged”. Something to do with a board game and wow, the comparison of couples who do and don’t have sex is wild.

Lucinda has created a “man cave” for Tim to stay in separately from her so that they take baby steps.

This feels very adult

Um, why are there so many masks in this apartment? This is the second I’ve seen and I’m starting to think one of these two has a bit of a fetish.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 19
Super freaky yeow

Ben has returned from his apparent bender to show Ellie that he’s ready to give this relationship a red-hot crack for yet another week.

He’s also written her a song which is quite literally my worst nightmare. Not her, though! She loves those terrible lyrics.

Cassandra‘s dad, Moddy, has returned and wastes no time with the hard-hitting questions.

MAFS 2024 Recap Episode 19
These dads waste no time eh

Tristan shares that his lack of self-confidence is getting in the way and slowing down their relationship.

Moddy says they gotta put a lot of wood in their relationship for a long-lasting fire. He needs more logs from Tristan!

Should’ve seen the log I dropped earlier mate

Dicky is upset that Andrea spent around two-and-a-half hours on the phone with her girlfriends last night.

Apparently she does this all the time but the real issue is that Andie has put up a wall “and nothing’s shifting”, according to Dicky.

don’t tell people you sucked me then

Tension is high just in time for their family and friends to arrive! Yay!

Dicky’s daughter and roommate, Roxy, wants to know what the fuck’s happening.

“OK, Roxy, it’s your dad and it’s awkward,” Andrea starts.

Not in front of the children

“He said some really inappropriate things.”

“He was really open with sharing our intimacy.”

How fun this will be for me to watch back

“I felt disrespected,” Andie finishes, explaining that she’s put up a wall and is working on pulling it back down.

Dicky breaks down after saying, “Andie’s not into me at all anymore.”

No more sucking! OR fucking!!

Andie’s friend jumps in and explains that her past relationships and baggage are at play here. Because of this intervention, the pair start looking positively to the future and hug it out.

Suck ya later

Ben and Ellie’s torturous singalong must’ve lasted a full five minutes because now she’s kicking the podcaster out.

here we go again

Ben tells producers that they’ve “missed hours” which, according to Ellie, included all of the things he doesn’t like about their relationship and her.

Ellie and her Kookai hoodie (which apparently exist within racks of select-sizing bodycons) are pissed off.

Yes the sales assistants were fine to me y???

She’s even taken notes!

“He didn’t like that I applied makeup because he’s used to dating girls that don’t wear a lot,” Ellie starts.

Yeah he really said that y???

“He didn’t like the fact that I was 32 and he’s 39. He reckons there’s a generational gap.”

Also she’s from the Gold Coast.

Dude I went to Schoolies there, not for me aye

Anyway she’s bloody over it, just like she was when he went missing. So forgive me if I don’t believe ya!

Tomorrow night is the next MAFS dinner party and it’s the one where Timothy slams his fist on the table. Ellie and Ben are still there, but something tells me it’ll be their last dinner party of the experiment. One can hope! See you for the next MAFS recap.

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