MAFS’ Ben Took A Brutal Dig At Ellie & Jono Via TikTok During The Reunion Dinner Party

L: Ben Walters from MAFS selfie. R: Ellie and Ben at a MAFS dinner party.

Ben Walters hasn’t exactly been portrayed as a stand-up guy on Married At First Sight (MAFS). He went on the show to gain a few cheeky podcast subscribers and mucked his ‘wife’ Ellie Dix around during the first half of the experiment. 

Apart from his awful apology song for Ellie – which nobody asked for or wanted – the podcast wannabe is best remembered by his infamous list. Yep, this grown man decided it would be a good idea to read out everything he disliked about his wife, which included the fact that she wore makeup. 

But hey – at least he wasn’t part of a cheating scandal! God, that bar is low. Anyway, since his original match Ellie has now consciously recoupled with Lauren Dunn’s ex Jonathan McCullough, he couldn’t help but take a few swipes at the pair on TikTok

Ellie and Jono on MAFS laughing
Jono is apparently… funny now? (Image: Nine)

While the Reunion Dinner Party episode was airing last night, Ben filmed part of the dinner party where his ex was calling either Lauren or Sara Mesa a “fucking bitch”, before showing the experts’ reactions.

“Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that from Ellie,” expert Alessandra Rampolla said. 

“We’ve never seen this side of her but she’s coming across as quite insensitive,” expert Mel Schilling agreed.

Ben then turned the camera onto himself and made some snarky little comments. 

“I’ve seen it, I knew it,” he said. 

“I needed two pages of stuff to write about Ellie,” he laughed, referring to his dislikes list

Ellie Dix and Jonathan McCullogh on MAFS
I fear they were trying to become the next Duncan and Evelyn, but that has failed miserably. (Image: Nine)

MAFS’ Ben takes aim at Jono and Ellie’s new relationship

Ben has been finding the humour in his ex’s redemption press tour, and uploaded another TikTok today showing him casually sitting on the loo, as one does.

He pretended to be reading Jono and Ellie’s New Idea cover story, before tearing out one of the pages and using it as toilet paper. 

This isn’t the first time the groom has opened up about Jono and Ellie’s relationship. He told Yahoo! Lifestyle earlier this year that he was sure Jono had a thing for his onscreen wife.

“Jono was eyeballing her. Like, you know when there’s a vibe and there’s some electricity… I’m not sure if Ellie was aware of it, perhaps she was, perhaps she wasn’t, but I just knew that Jono completely had eyes for Ellie. I had no doubts whatsoever,” he said at the time.

“I didn’t think they would have the courage to do it, so bravo for doing it.”

I’m dying to know what other spicy gossip is going to come out of tonight’s MAFS Reunion Couch Sesh. I can’t get enough of Ellie and Jono’s villain era – it’s a million times better than when they were simply giving vanilla.