MAFS’ Jayden And Eden Have Broken Up And It Was A Brutal Blindside: ‘She’s Devastated’

Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud on MAFS

Another Married At First Sight (MAFS) couple has bit the dust.

Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper have called it quits not long after the groom was seen getting close to Lauren Dunn in a nightclub and grabbing her boob. Totally normal behaviour. 

The couple – who exchanged the big L-word during the whirlwind that is MAFS – recently seemed to be doing well in the real world. Eden accidentally spilled the beans in March, using the present tense to describe their love fest. 

Sadly, our breakup radar went on high alert after Eden slammed Lauren for her flirty nightclub behaviour, so it wasn’t a big surprise when the couple announced their split on Instagram. 

MAFS' Eden Harper, Jayden Eynaud and Mitch Eynaud with Eden's dog cub.
Eden shared some cute snaps with her ex on Instagram. (Image: Instagram @edenharper)

TBH, I wasn’t actually the biggest fan of these two after seeing how Jayden tended to disregard Eden’s feelings during the show, so I’m kinda relieved.

Here’s what Eden said on Instagram:

“When I made the decision at final vows to be with Jayden, I really did that with longterm intentions. Jayden & I spent many months together after the experiment, during which Cub gained a dad and I gained a second family who I’m truly grateful for.

Source: Instagram.

“I’m saddened to share that toward the end of the show airing, our relationship came to an unexpected end. The ‘reality’ is, the person I chose didn’t choose me. Whilst I’m disappointed, I will never regret the experiment, the people I met, the lessons I learnt and the growth this process has had on me.

“Thank you for supporting us and for also wishing for the same fairytale that I had hoped for.”

MAFS insider reveals real reason behind Eden and Jayden split

It turns out the couple didn’t part ways mutually, with Eden left “devastated” according to an insider.

While there have been rumours floating around that Eden and Jayden had “broken up four times since filming”, as per Yahoo! Lifestyle, our source says this is false.

“Eden and Jayden were together up until just recently. They had ups and downs like any other couple,” the MAFS insider tells PEDESTRIAN.TV.

They continued: “Jayden blindsided Eden with the breakup and she’s been devastated about it. She wasn’t told why or given a reason, and while she wanted to work through their problems or doubts he had, he refused.”

Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud on Married At First Sight
The couple had a few rocky patches on the show. (Image: Nine)

Our source added that Eden felt like Jayden just “switched off one day”, something she didn’t see coming. 

We’re now down to a grand total of two original Season 11 MAFS couples that are still together: Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley, and Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo. There’s also the bonus couple of Jonathan McCullough and Ellie Dix.

I’m just praying Jade and Ridge stay together so I can continue to believe in love.