MAFS’ Eden No Longer Talks To Jayden After His Cooked Behaviour & The Ruthless Way He Dumped Her

Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud on MAFS

Married At First Sight’s (MAFS) Eden Harper is no longer speaking to her ex Jayden Eynaud after a drama-filled few weeks. 

The couple announced their split publicly last night, but quietly separated in private around March 20 – one week before the annual Nova x MAFS dinner party, which brings the contestants and media together for a spicy end-of-season bash.

On the night, Jayden was then seen embracing his singledom with other members of the MAFS 2024 cast, and Eden wasn’t happy after a video showing him dancing shirtless with bride Lauren Dunn went viral. 

Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper on Married At First Sight
Eden had a hard time after Jayden broke up with her. (Image: Nine)

Eden has spoken out about Jayden’s “disrespectful” behaviour in the past, and told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she doesn’t think she would ever get back together with her ex.

“We’re not still in touch… his behaviour after the Nova event was really the nail in the coffin for me. So I don’t think that there would be any coming back from that, to be honest,” Eden said. 

She continued: “But I will say, ‘never say never’, because I hate saying things then coming back on my word, but I really don’t think so… I’ve been pretty upset and pretty shattered by the way things played out with Jayden and I.”

The breakup surprised Eden, who admits that the pair had their “ups and downs”, but thought they would go the distance. So how did Jayden drop the bombshell?

“It was just one of the nights he was coming over for dinner and to stay… we ate, and then after it he just [broke up with me] and that was that,” Eden recalled. 

“It’s definitely been really difficult for me and I really wanted to make things work.”

She also elaborated on her cryptic wording in her breakup post about Jayden not choosing her, saying that she believes it’s “important” for any partner to “choose you no matter what”. 

“Unfortunately, he didn’t. And there’s not much I can do about that. So you’ve got to focus on yourself and move on and know your worth,” she declared.

Eden Harper reveals her biggest MAFS regret

The bride went on to say that while she does have some regrets when it comes to her time on MAFS, she believes everything happens for a reason. So true queen. 

Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper at MAFS Final Vows
The couple declared their love for each other during Final Vows. (Image: Nine)

“Sometimes I felt a certain way about things but naturally I keep things to myself… sometimes I wish I said more, and trusted my gut more,” she said.

“I often just cop things that come for me rather than trying to fight back, I suppose. So I kind of wish I’d stood up for myself a little bit more.”

Eden reckons she’s now found her voice after being on MAFS, and while she’s not quite ready to start dating yet, she’s not ruling out romances with reality TV stars in the future. 

It’s not too surprising to see the couple split, in fact, in the show’s history, just four couples across the first 10 seasons are still together.

I’m now ~manifesting~ a version of Jack Millar and Courtney Stubbs’ cross-reality show romance for Eden. It’s what she deserves!