MAFS’ Lauren Responds To Eden Calling Her ‘Trashy’ Over *That* Viral Video

L: Eden Harper at a Married At First Sight dinner party. R: Lauren Dunn at a Married At First Sight dinner party.

Married At First Sight’s (MAFS) Eden Harper has lashed out at her on-screen hubby Jayden Eynaud and fellow bride Lauren Dunn after they were caught having a cheeky dance during a night out. 

I can see how it’s giving flashbacks to Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis’ wild night out when they coupled up, but it also seems like a silly little moment that’s been blown up into a whole thing

Though Jayden and Eden made it through the MAFS Final Vows stronger than ever, their relationship has apparently come to an end. So, seeing Jayden dancing topless with a drunk Lauren at Universal on Sydney’s Oxford Street hit a bit of a nerve for Eden. 

You can judge the viral video for yourself below. 

Eden was straight to the point when she talked to Daily Mail about the Lauren and Jayden romance rumours, saying their behaviour was “inappropriate and a bit trashy”.

“I think both of their behaviour on that night was quite disrespectful of me… It felt almost a little intentional from Lauren’s half to hurt my feelings, and maybe Jayden as well,” she said.

“I think that the second that I wasn’t there for her to be all over him and there’s a clip where she grabs his hand and puts it on her chest and stuff like that… I feel a little bit embarrassed by it if I’m being completely honest. However, I think it’s more embarrassing for them than it is for me.”

Michael, Sara, Lauren and Ellie on MAFS before a dinner party. Lauren is wearing a fuchsia dress and has her mouth open in shock.
I imagine Lauren looked like this after seeing what Eden had to say. (Image: Nine)

Lauren responds to Eden’s recent comments

Lauren has shut down Eden’s narrative, saying that she’s “just friends” with fellow MAFS star Jayden and wasn’t doing anything shady on purpose. To put it quite simply: she had a 10-minute dance with her fellow contestant before heading home with a cheeseburger. 

“I’m sorry if Eden’s feelings are hurt… I was just being drunk and silly for the camera that was in my face,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV. 

She continued: “[I] would have been more careful if I had of known it would hurt her feelings. Eden and I are not friends however I don’t wish her any harm and I’m sorry that my actions unintentionally hurt her.” 

Lauren also added that “calling other women trashy is so 2021” and thinks we should leave that type of verbiage in the past. Amen to that!