The MAFS Cast Had An Event Thrown In Their Honour And Naturally, A Bunch Of Wild Shit Went Down

mafs dinner party nova

Last night the annual Nova x Married At First Sight Dinner Party with Fitzy, Wippa & Kate took place in Sydney and there’s so much tea I may drown in it.

Lucinda Light, Timothy Smith, Sarah Mesa, Lauren Dunn, Jayden Eynaud, Eden Harper, Tristan Black, Cassandra Allen, Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo were all in attendance.

They are clearly missing their usual televised playground as they threw insults back and forth at one another like it was a game of damn clout ping-pong.

Keep reading for all the juicy MAFS secrets revealed on the night at Sydney’s Grounds Of Alexandria.

Timothy exposes Jack as a “fucking liar”

mafs dinner party nova
Images: Chantelle Schmidt, Nova Entertainment

Last night Timothy claimed that fellow MAFS groom Jack Dunkley was “a fucking liar” following a phone conversation between Timothy and Jack’s ex.

“I’m not going to exactly say what happened or how it happened but I did get a phone call from Jack’s ex which actually answered a lot of questions, which made the show make complete sense,” Timothy said at the Nova event.

“So are they still together? Tim? Is that what you’re saying?” Fitzy asked.

“He’s full of shit from head to toe,” Timothy dodged, while also saying that Jack’s “doing everybody”.

Ah, I’ve missed Timothy and his quick wit!

Read more about MAFS‘ Timothy exposing Jack and watch the video below.

Ridge got Jade’s name tattooed on him

Image: NOVA Entertainment

MAFS final vows are yet to happen, but I think the jig may be up considering Ridge now has an everlasting display of affection for Jade on his very body.

“In Bali, Ridge got my name tattooed on him,” Jade revealed to the dinner party in Sydney’s Alexandria.

“If Ridge messes up, jokes on him because my name is on there.”

Ridge then took his shirt off to show the tattoo. Yes, I was there at the dinner party and no, I did not go up to the man to inspect his body. I’ll take their word for it!

Read more about Ridge’s Bali tattoo.

Lucinda Light shares what’s next after MAFS

Everyone’s favourite MAFS 2023 participant, Lucinda Light, shut down any rumours of appearing as an expert in a future season of MAFS Australia or New Zealand, but did admit there have been “hundreds” of opportunities for her to sift through from all over the world.

“It has actually been wild,” Lucinda shared. “Business is booming.”

Lucinda also teased an upcoming “Lucinda Light Tribe” community which will involve bi-weekly zoom calls, a publication and her emotional intelligence course. A cult I want to be a part of, and you can be too — right here.

Eden admits she wanted the L-bomb drop from Jayden to be private

Eden and Jayden were sat next to each other at last night’s dinner party and appeared to walk and talk like a couple so I think it’s safe to say these two are still together.

When Eden was asked about Jayden saying “I love you” during MAFS Episode 34 in front of their costars and all of Australia, she admitted she would’ve preferred to have heard it under different circumstances.

“I definitely would’ve rather it to be private and a bit more sentimental,” Eden explained.

“The dinner party’s probably not the best place for that.”

Jayden went on to say that it’s the first time he was “I love you” and meant it.

In fact, Jayden got involved in quite a few spats at the dinner table which does not surprise me.

Lauren defends Jono and his “big balls”

Image: NOVA Entertainment.

Although Lauren was angry at Jono McCollough during the final MAFS dinner party after reading his texts with costar Ellie Dix, she has now revealed that she couldn’t be happier for the pair (who are now officially in a relationship).

“He wasn’t cheating on me. He wasn’t deliberately trying to deceive me,” Lauren said in defence of Jono’s texts to Ellie. She believes Ellie was a friend for him during a period where Lauren was pushing him away.

“It was a friendship and it’s obviously developed past that,” she explains, noting she was only heated because she wasn’t told about it.

Wippa then joked that Lauren said she wanted “a real man with big balls”, to which she replied, “He does have big balls so I didn’t say that.”

Now we have to sit back and wait for the MAFS finale and reunion, starting Sunday night on Nine from 7pm.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. Follow her here.