We can apparently expect wine throwing at this week’s MAFS dinner party, and it’s not a moment too soon.

According to Friday’s episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, Bryce Ruthven throws wine at his fellow groom Sam Carraro on Wednesday night.

“Their fight actually first starts in the waiting room at the dinner party,” said host Megan Pustetto. “Before the dinner party had even started they are going at each other and having this huge blow-up on the couches.”

She continued: “Sam asks Bryce what his problem is, Bryce then says that Sam disrespected women…”

Sam apparently then dissed Bryce, calling him “ugly”, “Gonzo” like the muppet, and saying he has a big nose.

“Then [Sam] has a go at him for putting Melissa [Rawson] fourth in the ranking challenge and calling her unattractive after sleeping with her,” Megan adds.

“They have this explosive argument before the dinner party and apparently everyone is just yelling at each other across the room.”

Then Cameron Dunne tried to mediate the argument, but Sam “threatens to expose him and says that he’s got dirt on him so he better shut up”.

“They all go inside and it’s on like Donkey Kong between them all night and they’re having non-stop digs at each other across the table.”

The wine throw comes after Sam calls Bryce ugly, unfunny and a “wannabe Kyle Sandilands“.

“He says [Bryce] has the personality of a doormat, but it’s an insult to doormats.”

Sam then accused Bryce of repeatedly making Melissa cry. “Bryce hits back and calls Sam a liar and then apparently Sam said to him, ‘Well, why was she crying? Did you poke her in the eye with your big nose?'”

And that officially sparks it, Bryce grabbing a drink and throwing it on Sam.

“They both jump up and it’s about to get physical until the boys step in to break them up and then Bryce storms out of the dinner party,” Megan concluded.

On last night’s episode of MAFS, Bryce defended Coco Stedman when Sam dismissed the way she was feeling on the couch with the experts.

“I said, ‘Mate, I’ve got to stop you – you sound like a dickhead right now,'” Bryce told TV Week today. “I never said, ‘You’re a dickhead.’

There’s a vast difference, and Sam took it the wrong way.”TV Week teased that fans will be shocked by what Bryce does say at the dinner party, despite Bryce intending to clear the air.

“My intention was just to clarify it, and point out the fact that I didn’t attack Sam personally – I’ve attacked his actions on the couch,” he said.

Well it sounds like he doesn’t clarify anything if So Dramatic! is to be believed. Wine throwing on MAFS? That’s spicy. That’s the world as it’s meant to be.

We may be justifiably iffy on Bryce but still we cannot wait to see him THROW. THE. WINE.